My Olympic Spirit :P

For homework we had to make an Olympic poster and it turned out quite well. I originally had an idea to have a really simple poster with the Olympic rings and some kind of Ancient Greek kind of thing, but after looking at tons of photos on Google, I gave up that idea, mostly because all the Greeky things were all naked men, and my Art teacher would NOT thank me for that. I eventually saw the poster for the Melbourne 1956 Olympics (obviously NONE of you are old enough to remember that *sarcasm* Are you?) and clicked on it. I was directed to a page where they had all the Olympic posters since the start of the modern ones in 1896. I looked through the posters and suddenly I had an idea! After about 40 minutes of editing on Photoshop, I came up with this.

What I did was I got all the posters, put them all next to each other and made them relatively the same size, then I put them in lines, filling the whole page and got the logo of London 2012, took out the middle of it and put the posters behind it. And that’s it. So do you like it?

Your Olympic blogger, Jaz


5 comments on “My Olympic Spirit :P

  1. Typo slipped through: The biggest stars for me WERE – not WER !!!

  2. PS: By the way, I remember the 1948 Games when they were last in London (No, I don’t remember the 1908 Games the previous time they were). My dad went to some of the events and collected a few autographs for me. The biggest stars for me wer the Dutch lady Fanny Blankers-Coen, a sprinter and hurdler, and the Jamaican Arthur Wint, who won the 400 yards (that’s right, yards not metres).

    I drove to Rome with three friends for the 1960 Olympics and saw loads of great events and famous athletes. I stood right alongside the Golden Girl of British athletics, Mary Bignall Rand.

    How’s your running going ??

    • You must have been a kid in 1948, riiiiiiiiiiiiiight?

      And about the running: I was actually about to write a post about it, so I’ll do that now. 🙂

  3. Brilliant Jaz ! Personally, I can’t stand the 2012 logo itself but you’ve improved it no end !!

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