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A GOOD Exam…?

Yep. I usually hate exams, but today one went WELL. I decided to blog about it only because it was an English exam and I did some writing for it, and you know how much I love writing!

Basically I only remembered there was an exam this morning and hoped it wasn’t as bad as the last one. It was a mock exam, where we had to review a poem. I did BADLY. Really badly. It’s mostly because poetry’s not exactly my favourite thing in the world, but a good poem is really good. Sadly, the poem we had to review was not exactly very interesting. I had a very sarcastic tone throughout the whole review, and therefore my teacher didn’t like it. I promised to do better next time.

And next time came! I sat and waited for the exam to start. I looked at the task. It was either a description of an animal ‘whose behaviour intrigues you’ or a story about a character with two very different sides to their personality (‘concentrate on the thoughts and feelings of the character’). I obviously chose the second one. Before I even got the paper, I had an idea of what I was going to write, which includes one of my favourite things: highwaymen! More specifically, girls dressed as highwaymen. For a quick and easy piece to write, I thought I’d do that, as it would be simple– not much information about the period of history was needed (I knew the basics of it) and I would actually enjoy writing it. Plus, highwaymen rob people and hold up stagecoaches, so there’s a story already there. To fit the task, I made it so the highwayGIRL would be like ‘YEAH, LET’S ROB THEM!! I WANT ALL THEIR MONEY!’ but then she’d be like ‘Oh no, I don’t think I should. How would I like it? Oh dear, oh no!!’

So I started writing, really getting into the story. I was doing something I enjoyed in exam! I used up two sides of the paper and had to ask for another piece. It went very well.

And it turned out lots of people had chosen a description, which is WEIRD. Who would choose NOT to do some creative writing?!

So in summary, the exam was good. I can’t believe I actually said that! I just hope my teacher likes my writing.

Your writy blogger, Jaz


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