Round 2

I got a reply from all three agents, and I won’t sugarcoat it or anything; I was rejected. I’ve been surprisingly cool about the whole thing. Before I sent it off, I was so worried about how I was going to react if I got rejected– would I cry? Would I be sad? Would I lose faith in myself? The actual thing that happened was none of those. I felt oddly nonchalant about it. Oh well, they didn’t like it; there is bound to be an agent out there who will. I didn’t even feel offended by them implying they didn’t like my work enough. I know it’s not on the same level as real, proper, published adult authors. I started to write it when I was 13; I knew it could probably do with work. Now that I’ve matured, and I am three years older, I think it needs a bit of polishing before I send it to more agents. Three isn’t very many, I know, but I have been desiring to edit Tacita once more. I’ve been writing a lot this past year (nothing major, just practicing and expanding on ideas that spring into my mind), so I think I have improved and matured in my style and vocabulary.

First of all, I have to get the hell that is mock exams out of the way, and after that I will delve back into my novel and make it the best I can make it before I send it to more agents. I’ll probably send it to many more next time (maybe six like all the advice suggests), and I hope that I will be able to deal with the rejection as coolly as I’ve done this time round! And anyway, if I send it to 30 agents and they all say no, the world of self-publishing will be the way forward. In this day and age, self-published books have the ability to get really big, so it’s not a process that is doomed to end in failure for your book. That really excites me actually, but I do definitely want to try going the traditional route first. Who knows what the future holds? For now, on to Round 2 of finding an agent!

Your motivated blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “Round 2

  1. Good attitude Jaz. Stick at it and enjoy the work. It may sound trite, but often the journey is as good as or better than the arrival.

    However, as you clearly would like Tacita (or your next novel) to be published, I’m still wondering why you’ve not approached any publishers direct. By no means all authors go through agents. Just a thought.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. Good luck and keep at it!

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