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Running: Long or Short Distances XD

I think it was on Thursday, but we had a HORRIBLE PE lesson. I heard we were doing running, and I was like ‘cool’ because I like running now, after the three miles, but we were doing 200m. I know it’s not a huge distance or anything, but it seemed like it would really be quite a struggle. We’d already done 100m and that was OK, mostly because it was such a short distance, but 200m is getting into that more middle-distance area (OK, it’s a short distance compared to a marathon, but for someone with such short legs like me, doing a prolonged sprint didn’t exactly appeal to me).

I thought I would try and have an optimistic outlook on this whole lesson, but really, when I saw the track, I was just like ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’. The track is half the size of a proper one (it’s supposed to be 400m but ours is 200m) and the thought of having to go the whole way round didn’t seem so good. But that wasn’t what made it bad. I mean, it’s horrible having all the really tall and sporty people powering ahead of you, then comparing times. Some people were like 5 seconds faster than me, and it really didn’t help my whole ‘positive’ mindset that I was TRYING to get into.

But eventually my turn came around. Annoyingly, for the first run, the teacher hadn’t grouped us into equal abilities, so I was with Lauryn (who is like SO tall and fast) and some other people. We started and I ran around, and I didn’t do very well. I got 38 seconds or something. BAD. The second time I was SUPPOSED to be with equal ability people, but it seemed they were all faster than me, so I kinda gave up on that one. Fortunately, it was the end of the lesson and we went, incredibly sweaty, to change (the weather has been REALLY hot recently, have you noticed?). Lauryn and I were walking together and I had a sudden urge to jog back. She was like ‘No!!’ but I really wanted to. We went back a different way and I started to jog, as she was behind me, and that made her jog too. I was way ahead of her and when I stopped for her to catch up, she was like ‘You’re really fast!’

So, what have I concluded from this little PE lesson?

1) that I am very slow at short distances

2) Lauryn is very fast at short distances

3) I WAY prefer long distances

4) I am much better at long distances (or just better at pacing myself)

5) I still hate PE as much as ever.

I thought I would tell you all about this, because, after all, it is MY blog, so I can write what I want. I don’t give too much thought about what other people think of it. But that’s a whole other topic.

Your PE-hating blogger, Jaz


One comment on “Running: Long or Short Distances XD

  1. It’s called HORSES FOR COURSES and it’s a wonderful thing to know what you’re good at and what you’re not so good at. You’re just like I was and I ran four half-marathons. Keep at it and feel good about jogging home !

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