About Me

I’ve been running this blog since 2011, and I think this page has changed a fair few times. I was in the midst of puberty when I began, and this was reflected in my posts: random, impassioned, odd, occasionally fuelled by hormones. Hopefully I have settled down more now, because I certainly feel that way! So, about me… I am a teenager who has a passion for writing and has finished one novel, set in 1st century AD Pompeii, about the exploits and adventures of the only female gladiator at an all-male gladiator school. I hope to get it published one day, and am working towards that. However, it will not be my only publishing achievement.

I was born in Santa Monica, California, and moved to Bristol, England (where I still live) when I was almost six. Even from such an early age, I was interested in writing, and wrote all sorts of things throughout my childhood years. In 2007, when I was 8 years old, I was published in “Mythical Madness”, a book which was the product of a competition run by afterschoolclub.net. The task for this competition was to draw a picture of an invented mythical creature, and my entry was put in the book along with dozens of others.

Then, in 2010, I entered another competition run by Young Writers, in which my work was published in a book entitled “A Holiday for the Imagination”, a collection of short stories with the theme of summer. In the very next year, 2011, came my greatest achievement: I was placed third in a national writing competition for young writers at the Malton Literature Festival, with my piece entitled “Ripple”. My final publication achievement (to date) was in 2013, in another Young Writers competition, this time for poetry (although I am not a fan of poetry, whoops). My poem was published in “The Poetry Games” anthology for the west of England, which contained work from students in schools across the area.

Aside from writing, I am passionate about history, and all eras fascinate and inspire me. I also love drawing, which I have arguably been doing longer than writing. However, writing is one of my favourite things, and I have written pieces of many and varied genres and lengths, from short stories to attempts at full-length novels. Tacita is my first finished novel, at around 80,000 words, and I am incredibly proud to have completed it. I started writing it when I was 13, and finished a little over a year later when I was 14, and after months (years, probably) of editing, sent it to agents. After facing rejection (and handling it surprisingly indifferently), I left Tacita for a while in order to focus on GCSE exams, and now that those are over, I am returning to the familiar and beloved world of writing to work on the novel once more.

– J. A. Edwards


3 comments on “About Me

  1. But I like the new typeface. It’s good to freshen things up from time to time.

  2. Amazing ! Over-used word.

  3. The HungerGames are definately my favourite books but I might read the chronicles you love so dearly as the HungerGames you recommended were amazing 🙂 my spelling’s dreadful! Anyway, lots of love
    HungerGames buddy,

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