The Importance of Book Covers: Good and Bad Book Covers

Hi! Since this is going to be really long, I’m going to be splitting the post (or posts) into different sections, so it’s not just one huge piece of writing. There will be lots of pictures too! Let’s begin…

Good and Bad Book Covers

In this section I’ll be talking about what makes a good or a bad book cover. I will pick out a few well-known books and talk through their covers and give them an overall rating. You can always give feedback, because I’ll put a poll at the end of this section so you can vote on your favourite book cover out of the ones I’ve picked. Time for the first book cover, the infamous Twilight… (by the way, you can click on any of the images for a closer look)

I’ve given this one 4/5 because it’s simple but effective. It stands out on a shelf and makes you want to pick it up. It didn’t get 5 stars because sometimes the minimal look can get lost amongst the bright, exciting covers of other books. But I do think this is a great cover. The same cannot be said for the contents of the book.

Now the next cover, The Hunger Games

I’ve given this one 3/5 because it does show a lot of what the book’s about, and it is quite an interesting cover, but there’s too much going on. It needs to be more simple and to the point. But THG does have loads of different covers, so you can look at them if you want to!

The next one is Divergent:

The reason I’ve only given 2.5/5 is because of the fire thing in the middle. Just what on earth is it? I have read this book, and I still have no idea what it’s meant to represent. The rest of the cover, however, is good, but I don’t think it stands out on the shelf so much and it gives off vibes of an amateur effort. The title font and position is very good, and that was one thing that stood out to me.

The next cover is a book I confess I’ve never read, Shiver

I’ve given it 3.5/5 because it is a very good cover, but the title font lets it down. It could be something more spooky or different, and excluded the cheesy drips of blood. It brings the whole cover down, which would otherwise have been good. The tangle of branches on the whole cover ties it together and it’s not cluttered. The use of only three colours makes the cover striking, but it could be lost in amongst all the paranormal romance books (which I think this is).

The final cover is for a book that I’ve read and not really enjoyed, Matched.

The reason it’s 3/5 stars is because there is just too much regarding text: too many different fonts, sizes, styles, colours, etc. It’s a simple cover, but it might be forgotten on the shelf. It doesn’t go POW! when you look at it. However, the girl in the bubble is interesting and makes you think. The three sentences, although interesting, are a bit too much. There should be more images, or the girl should be bigger, to give it more appeal.

I’ve rated my covers and it turns out Twilight is the best! With regards to what’s inside the book, that would be the lowest-rated, but I think the cover is better than the others. It just stands out to me more. And the fact that the entire series has similar covers also adds to the effect on this one. It gives them all a central theme but they also stand out in their own way. But what’y your favourite cover out of these? Vote now!

I think that’s enough for this post. In the next post I’m going to be talking about how important a good book cover is. There will be lots of examples and it will be very interesting, so stay tuned!

Your analytical blogger, Jaz


9 comments on “The Importance of Book Covers: Good and Bad Book Covers

  1. […] much as I hate Twilight, the cover is nice. I’ve included an analysis of it from the blog Jaz Says. (You can click on the picture to view the […]

  2. You should give Divergent more points because now you know what the sign means (I still don’t understand how you didn’t know it, you probably missed the part where Four shows his tattoes to Tris) sorry if I sounded rude 🙂 my favourite cover is Twilight and Matched.

  3. The symbol is the dauntless symbol which if you read the book would know she chose that faction instead of abnegation (sorry if that sounded condescending :/)

    • I have read the book and I didn’t know that, haha 🙂 dw you don’t sound condescending either!

      • Well I thought I sounded b!tchy (excuse my language) when I said “Which If you read the books you would know” and don’t worry it took me a couple of weeks to get the cover xD I just started Allegiant. But aside form that very nice review!

  4. Twilight es mi favorito , de no haberlo leído por la razón por la que lo leí , hubiera sido tal vez por la portada ….
    Y esa portada de THG no es la más popular , hay otra más bonita.

  5. the symbol on the divergent cover is the symbol to represent the group that the main character joined (havent read the book in a while so i forget the names of the main character and the group)

  6. I like your analysis, Jaz, and I agreed with your judgement of Twilight as the most eye-catching. I have only docked you one star (4/5) because of two typos. Can you spot them too ?

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