Jaz’s Style and Shopping… And a Note About Fashion

I was thinking about this, meaning to blog about it. I haven’t been able to get on, but now I’m writing this! Mwa ha ha!

People love shopping. They love going around with their money, trying clothes on with their friends. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Maybe to you, but I’m not a fan. I find it BORING! I can’t go into a clothes shop and spend an hour… If I did, I’d probably drop dead of boredom. I spend about two minutes scanning through the clothes and go ‘Hate it all, let’s go.’ or ‘I kinda like this…’ But that one, not often. I have a unique and simple style, you see, dear readers.

I can’t be bothered with all these accessories and random floaty tops and then a shirt underneath and shorts and tights and… I dunno what else! My style is, uh… Mostly a plain-coloured top, like a bright green or blue (like in the picture at the top of the page), a white or purple jacket, knee-length jeans/trousers and white or red shoes. I think they’re called deck shoes. And, um, that’s it. My wardrobe varies in winter, shock horror! Instead of a jacket, I wear a jumper, mostly a grey one that says ‘Shinjuku’ on it. So pretty simple.

Do you know why it’s simple? Because I don’t like shopping. I don’t know if that’s the real cause, but I think it’s cos most of the clothes in shops aren’t what I wear. Too girly!! I am NOT girly. But I don’t like shopping anyway. Maybe it’s cos none of the clothes I like, or it’s cos I don’t like dragging myself around shops filled with giggling tweens. I don’t know, could be both. I just find the idea of shopping… sickening.

But I was also thinking (I think a lot), if there’s all this recession around, how can people find the money to shop? Cos mostly it’s ‘Let’s go shopping!’ ‘Why?’ ‘Cos I want to.’ Hm. Sounds quite weird to me! Don’t kill me for my views, but I only like to go shopping if I actually need something. Wait, no, even if I need something I can’t be bothered to go. I don’t ‘like’ to go if I need something. I don’t need anything now, except a more interesting style (maybe punk, no, just joking), but I can’t be bothered to go shopping. People’s wardrobes are overflowing with clothes they’d never wear! And why?

Cos it’s not ‘in’. But who decides what’s in? Who decides when it’s in? Surely if there’s a nice item of clothing people will always want to wear it?! But then the next month, it’s ‘out’ so they discard it and go off to buy some more stuff. Hey… that’s how I think most clothes shops make their money! Deciding a new thing is in and making it the next big thing so everyone will buy it…! Personally the bosses probably don’t care about fashion, they care about money. I think knee-length jeans are cool, but are they in? I don’t know or care! People that do know and care are fashion sheep, limpets even, clinging onto and following the latest trends. And it’s mostly tweens and teens, defenceless innocent people! How terrible! (OK, I was just acting/joking/being sarcastic) I bet, without the ‘in and out’ business, clothes shops will be much less popular!

Sorry if this post has been whiny/ranty/not to your satisfaction, but my mind takes me wherever I want. And today, it took a dark turn… Dun dun DUN!

Your unfashionable blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “Jaz’s Style and Shopping… And a Note About Fashion

  1. Amazing, wonderful submit.Thanks again. Amazing.

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