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Books I’ve Been Reading

Sorry about the rubbish title, but I decided to write about books I’ve been reading recently, so if you have no idea what to read, try these! I’m not writing about all the books I’ve been reading in this one post. In this one, I’m gonna write about two I read a while ago, but are amazing, perhaps even two of my favourites! I hope you like it.


The first one I’m gonna write about is called Sovay. It’s about a girl who becomes a highwayman to test her love’s loyalty. What she does is she gives him a ring, dresses up as a highwayman, stops their coach, tries to get it off him and sees if he gives it. She told him never to part with it. I’m not telling you if he does or not! But then, she becomes involved with important, uh, matters, and the French Revolution. All because she became a highwayman… She meets loads of people, falls in love in the end, and it’s really good!

I liked the fact the love part only really happened at the end, and wasn’t talked about a lot. And it didn’t get inappropriate (I think you know what I mean). I don’t like books about love, and the love in this was a minor part in the story (except in the beginning, see above!). I loved reading about her being a highwayman, cos it was pretty awesome. It would be really fun to do that, except the part where you could be hanged for it! The main character, called Sovay (ooh, it’s the title of the book too, how awesome), gets to do all sorts of stuff, and almost gets killed at one point (not giving anything more away). I was really hoping she wouldn’t die, cos it’s written in the third person and the story could easily be continued without her. I recommend it to people that like interesting books set in the past (if you haven’t guessed!), but aren’t boring (like a history textbook) and have some action in them! I give it… 9/10.

Prisoner of the Inquisition

This book is about a girl called Zarita, living in Spain in the late 15th century (1400s if you haven’t guessed), who is the daughter of a powerful man. She watches the death of a beggar, as well as dealing with the loss of her mother and baby brother, so she’s pretty sad and disturbed. The son of the beggar, a boy called Saulo, sees his father’s death and vows to kill the person that killed him (Zarita’s father). He is sent away to sea, while Zarita has problems, problems involving a new wife for her father. Then the Inquisition come (people that go around towns killing any Jew or Muslim living there) and are making everything a bit… bleh. Then Zarita does something involving a Jew and tells no one about it… not telling you any more than that! Other things happen (no spoilers!), and eventually Saulo and Zarita meet again. I am not telling you what happens after that!

I loved this book SO much! The beginning of the story is about a person getting burned at the stake, but it doesn’t mention who it is. Then at the end of the book, the chapter is repeated, except you know who it is! I really liked that part. I LOVED the rest of the book. At first, I thought Zarita was a bit of an idiot, but I grew to like her. I liked reading about Saulo’s adventures at sea, and he even meets a famous sailor (who was real!). It’s got action, some death, and a lot of AWESOMENESS! I loved the chapters switching between Zarita’s and Saulo’s stories, and in one chapter they are together and then the paragraphs are switching between them! That was really good, but some people might get confused. Overall, this book is for people who, as before, like historical settings, action and a kind of adventure. I give it… 10/10!

I hope you liked reading about the books, and sorry, I’m bad at explaining. I didn’t want to quote the blurb, cos that’s just copying! Next I’m gonna write about a book called Apache. Please read that when I post it!

Your reading addict blogger, Jaz


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