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School is finally over. Well, for me at least. Yesterday I had my last exam, so I am officially free for the summer (and free from that particular school forever). It’s quite odd, since the overwhelming relief that I thought I’d feel hasn’t quite hit yet. I guess it’s just hard to believe that it’s¬†actually […]

Round 2

I got a reply from all three agents, and I won’t sugarcoat it or anything; I was rejected. I’ve been surprisingly cool about the whole thing. Before I sent it off, I was so worried about how I was going to react if I got rejected– would I cry? Would I be sad? Would I […]

And now we wait…

This post isn’t really planned, and I’ve not really thought of much to write, so it’s kind of an update-ish kind of thing. I’ve sent off Tacita to three agents, and I’m just in the process of waiting for a reply. According to what I’ve read, you should send it to six agents at a […]

A little update…

Hey there, I’m just giving you a little update so you know what I’ll be doing and blogging about in the next couple of weeks.¬† First of all, it’s nearly time to re-read Tacita! I am actually so excited, since over the summer I have been using the computer un-productively, because I have nothing to […]

A Quick Announcement!

I’ve removed the Polyvore thing from this blog, so you only get my actual posts that I’ve written! Maybe it got me more views, but if they wanted to see my sets they can go to my Polyvore profile! My name’s aquila-j by the way. So from now on no more Polyvore, and I’ve deleted […]