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Accursed school!

I haven’t written a post in so long. I haven’t done writing either (well, not Tacita at least). I haven’t done much drawing, or really anything that I have wanted to do. That is all because of the menace known as school. They have decided to ramp up the pressure, the stress and the homework […]

Are English speakers lazy?

No, I’m not being as rude as the title suggests! It’s just something that I thought of, and I SHOULD have put in my “Pondering on language” post, but I forgot, and it seems like a topic worthy of a small post of its own. So now to the actual question– are English speakers lazy? […]

A Marathon? You Have to be Kidding Me.

That’s exactly what I thought as soon as my PE teacher mentioned a ‘schools marathon for Save the Children’. I went: ‘You expect US, Year 9 girls in the BOTTOM group for PE (which is happily where I stand), to do a MARATHON? Get your brain tested lady!’ Did she actually think anyone would take […]

Back to School. Great.

Yesterday we started school again and I realised how boring it is. It’s annoying because we’re sat there, doing lessons and homework, when the Paralympic Games are going on. Let’s break this down: Paralympics= once every FOUR years. Next time they’re on I’ll have almost finished school. London 2012= NEVER again in my lifetime will […]

What’s the Meaning of Life…?

Such a vast question. I was only posting this because in RS, we have to prepare a short speech about what we think the meaning of life is. I wrote the following (long) speech: By asking the question ‘what is the meaning of life?’ we assume that there will be an answer. However we, as […]

A Strange (in a good way) Start to My Day!

Today, in assembly, our head teacher was saying how she was thinking of a list of things that make her happy. Then she said ‘And I think the most important thing is big and practically free…’ and I was thinking ‘Love, she’s going to say that! No!!! PLEASE DON’T!!!!!!’ but instead she said ‘It’s literature.’ […]

An HG Idea

With only a few months until THG movie, things are getting more exciting! I was looking at some HG fansites and one particular one caught my attention: Hunger Games Lessons. This website is encouraging teachers to teach THG in schools! One post said the teacher’s class got to do a mini class Hunger Games, and […]