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The (rather long-awaited) Agent Hunter website review

So, the website Agent Hunter, a service for writers to find and contact agents, has an offer where if you write a review on your blog about their website, they will give you a free subscription for one year. I guess this is part of my review, because that is a very good offer. If […]

Movie Review: Inception

I thought I’d write a little review of Inception, because I recently watched it and loved it! The plot of this movie is very confusing unless you’re paying attention to it fully. What I understand is there’s a guy (I think he’s called Tom, but he’s Leonardo DiCaprio, so I’ll just call him that) who […]

Books I’ve Been Reading: Sword at Sunset

Sword at Sunset follows straight on from The Lantern Bearers, but this time it focuses on Artos– or as legend calls him, Arthur. We’ve all heard of that particular guy: the king with his knights in shining armour, a Round Table, the Lady in the Lake, the Sword in the Stone, battles, magic, dragons, Merlin […]

Books I’ve Been Reading: Roma Victrix

The first word that came into my head when I finished reading this was: WOW. Roma Victrix is just as good as Gladiatrix, if not better. But again, a warning: there is some swearing and slightly more mature stuff in this book, but if you skip it then you’ll be alright! Years have passed since […]

Movie Review: The Eagle

I feel bad for not watching it as soon as I got it but somehow the waiting made the movie better. On Friday night I put the DVD in, knowing full well it would be awesome, and on Sunday afternoon, just after I finished altering some black jeans I have (which now look amazing), I […]

Books I’ve Been Reading: The Other Life and Looking for JJ

The Other Life is a freaky dystopian novel about a world that has been ruined by a severe outbreak of rabies, spreading to humans and causing them to turn into ruthless and savage beasts: the Weepers. The humans that are left have to hide in bunkers until the military say it’s safe to come out, […]

Books I’ve Been Reading: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

I have just finished reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and I just had to blog about it. But before I tell you about what I thought of it, I should give you a little synopsis of the plot: Percy Jackson was living as a fairly normal kid until one day, after a series […]