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School is finally over. Well, for me at least. Yesterday I had my last exam, so I am officially free for the summer (and free from that particular school forever). It’s quite odd, since the overwhelming relief that I thought I’d feel hasn’t quite hit yet. I guess it’s just hard to believe that it’s actually […]

Solving humankind’s problems?!

When I was a kid, I drifted along very blissfully, unaware of and indifferent to the world around me. I did not care about the news– in fact I loathed it– and I had no interest in contemplating anything more than my next snack. I didn’t know just how privileged a life I led. I […]

Reflections on Justin Bieber

Being the sister of a “dedicated” (as she puts it) Belieber, I’ve been shown an insight into the world of Bieber that seems to only be reserved for his fans. I have learned an unprecedented amount about the Biebs and I am up-to-date (via my sister) about all his latest escapades. In light of the […]