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My decision is made!

In case you have forgotten, I have been thinking about whether to change Tacita into third person, or keep it as first person. It has been an agonising decision, to be honest, but I think that it has finally been made. What helped me to do this is getting a random chapter of Tacita and […]

Accursed school!

I haven’t written a post in so long. I haven’t done writing either (well, not Tacita at least). I haven’t done much drawing, or really anything that I have wanted to do. That is all because of the menace known as school. They have decided to ramp up the pressure, the stress and the homework […]

And now we wait…

This post isn’t really planned, and I’ve not really thought of much to write, so it’s kind of an update-ish kind of thing. I’ve sent off Tacita to three agents, and I’m just in the process of waiting for a reply. According to what I’ve read, you should send it to six agents at a […]

The (rather long-awaited) Agent Hunter website review

So, the website Agent Hunter, a service for writers to find and contact agents, has an offer where if you write a review on your blog about their website, they will give you a free subscription for one year. I guess this is part of my review, because that is a very good offer. If […]

On being a teen author

Now that I am very close to submitting my novel to an agent (or several), I thought that it would be a good time to think about my status as a teen writer. I have read a lot of different things on teen authors, making me unsure whether or not to disclose my age when […]

Description vs. Action

I know, I know, I have not written a post for about two months. It is terrible. But now it’s the summer holidays, and things are actually going to be happening– in real life, and to do with Tacita (I’m hoping to get on and send it to an agent soon)– so I actually have […]

Ready to take the next step?

Well, I just finished editing Tacita for the second time. It was an alarmingly fast process, but that may have been because I had specific things to change and after I’d done them, it was just a question of reading it again and changing minor things. Now, I hope, Tacita is the best that I […]