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My decision is made!

In case you have forgotten, I have been thinking about whether to change Tacita into third person, or keep it as first person. It has been an agonising decision, to be honest, but I think that it has finally been made. What helped me to do this is getting a random chapter of Tacita and […]

Slight dilemma…

I must (scandalously) admit that I haven’t actually properly started re-editing Tacita yet. (I need to be in the right mood, and I’ve been away on holiday, etc etc etc; material for a different post that I won’t be writing.) What I have been doing, though, is thinking about Tacita, and when I think of something that […]

1st person vs. 3rd person

I used to be sort of worried that Tacita is written in 1st person. I thought, what good books are written in 1st person? Don’t people really dislike stories that are written that way? Will it have less of a chance of getting published? But then I remembered that there are LOADS of novels written […]