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School is finally over. Well, for me at least. Yesterday I had my last exam, so I am officially free for the summer (and free from that particular school forever). It’s quite odd, since the overwhelming relief that I thought I’d feel hasn’t quite hit yet. I guess it’s just hard to believe that it’s actually […]

Accursed school!

I haven’t written a post in so long. I haven’t done writing either (well, not Tacita at least). I haven’t done much drawing, or really anything that I have wanted to do. That is all because of the menace known as school. They have decided to ramp up the pressure, the stress and the homework […]

A GOOD Exam…?

Yep. I usually hate exams, but today one went WELL. I decided to blog about it only because it was an English exam and I did some writing for it, and you know how much I love writing! Basically I only remembered there was an exam this morning and hoped it wasn’t as bad as […]