And now we wait…

This post isn’t really planned, and I’ve not really thought of much to write, so it’s kind of an update-ish kind of thing. I’ve sent off Tacita to three agents, and I’m just in the process of waiting for a reply. According to what I’ve read, you should send it to six agents at a time, but I’ve not done so, for no apparent reason. Maybe it’s because I’m lazy. (Probably.)

It’s kind of a weird thought, sending Tacita to agents. I’ve been working on this novel for years, and now people outside of my close family and friends are going to read and judge it. I hope I won’t be too downcast if they reject it, but it’s quite odd. Someone completely new and completely not biased (because they know me) is going to read this little thing that I created. It is the first step to getting it published, though, so it’s beyond exciting. If they like it, I don’t know how I’ll react!

So, let’s hope that one agent in this huge world actually enjoys Tacita, because it is my biggest achievement so far, and I’ve spent too long on it to give up now! Thanks for reading this random post.

Your hopeful blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “And now we wait…

  1. Well done and good luck. If one of them likes it and takes it, I give you permission to say AWESOME !

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