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The (rather long-awaited) Agent Hunter website review

So, the website Agent Hunter, a service for writers to find and contact agents, has an offer where if you write a review on your blog about their website, they will give you a free subscription for one year. I guess this is part of my review, because that is a very good offer. If you are a writer that’s looking for an agent, you could definitely take advantage of this offer– and do it fast, because there are limited spots. Now, on to the website itself. It is a very simple and easy-to-navigate design, so you can get right in and do what you want to do without having to search around for the right buttons and whatnot. It’s not too flashy or complicated, in terms of the design, which works because this website has a clear purpose and doesn’t need to be embellished with an unusual layout, lots of extra features or flashy bits. The main thing that Agent Hunter helps writers to do is find agencies or agents to which they can send their manuscripts, so the search tool has to be self-explanatory and easy to use. And it really is! Down the side, there are ways to refine your search, by– to name just a few– genre, experience, or client list status. As the homepage says, there is a “unique” feature in that Agent Hunter asks each agent what their particular likes and dislikes are, for example ‘France’, ‘tennis’ or ‘noir’. So, if your book has a theme that is even more specific than just the mainstream genres, you can input this keyword and see if any agent also shares your passion. Conversely, you can see if the agent dislikes this certain keyword, so you know that you’re not going to waste your time with them. Overall, the search function is incredibly easy to use, and does give you a huge list of agents. Say you’ve found an agent you’re interested in. You click on them, and you are shown a very comprehensive page all about them. There are tabs at the top, to switch between looking at info about the agent themselves, or the agency they represent, and there really is a massive amount to read about both. This way, you can see if they are the agent or agency for you, as it shows you their client list status, the genres the agent is interested in, their interests in terms of books, and a list of their current clients. It is as much information as you could desire, the most important being their email address so you can contact them. It is great that all these details are put into one page, making a writer’s search all the easier. In the help section, as well as directions on how to navigate the site, there are links to more information about agents, agencies and publishers. There is an extensive FAQ all about them, with a lot of helpful advice on who to approach and how to approach them. There are links to other websites, which give even more information. It is insanely helpful, and if you are a little stuck on how to go about trying to get an agent, this page is invaluable. If you want to sign up to this service, there is a small subscription fee. People who haven’t paid can still access a few features of the site, including the search feature, but do not get the full pages of the agents or agencies. The price is very good, and you can sign up for one month, six months or a whole year. It really is an incredibly small fee, from just £5 for one month. For what you can do on the site, it’s pretty much a steal. Overall, I think that Agent Hunter is one of the most helpful websites for writers looking to get published, and basically essential if you want to contact the right agent(s). It’s super easy to use, and has everything you need to get started on your journey to publication. I am definitely going to be using it to find some agents to send Tacita to. Your reviewing blogger, Jaz


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