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Ready to take the next step?

Well, I just finished editing Tacita for the second time. It was an alarmingly fast process, but that may have been because I had specific things to change and after I’d done them, it was just a question of reading it again and changing minor things. Now, I hope, Tacita is the best that I can make it, and I think I am ready to take the next step in terms of this novel. And that next step is trying to get an agent. 

Wow. It’s a scary thought. My little novel, that’s taken me close to two years to plan, write and perfect, could be out there in the world, read by the actual people that get actual authors actual publishing deals. I’m not even going to think about what would happen if I did get an agent and then get Tacita sent off to a publisher or two. That’s just TOO crazy.

But now, finally, I can put my Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook to good use, and get in contact with the agents I’ve furiously highlighted the names of. I won’t be doing this alone, of course– I’m only a teenager, and I pretty much have no idea what to do, and certainly not enough of a formal letter/email-writing style to get people to take me seriously. Hopefully, my parents will chip in and lend a hand in getting Tacita on the next level of real-novel-ness. 

Because yes, I really want to get it published. I can’t even imagine how brilliant it would be to have Tacita as a real book, with real pages, a real cover, on the shelves of a real bookstore. And people would see it! I wouldn’t be that weird kid that’s like “oh yeah, I’m writing a novel”– I’d be that weird published kid that could say “oh yeah, I wrote a novel, go look for it in Waterstone’s”. And that is a pretty wild thought.

Literally, it is one of the only dreams in my life, to get Tacita published. It’s the only big project I’ve ever finished, and I have worked harder on it than on everything else combined. I’ve put my all into it, and I am incredibly passionate about all things Tacita, and I would absolutely love to have other people read it, and maybe even enjoy it. So getting an agent is just the first step in realising this dream– the dream that, once, seemed so outlandish and ridiculous, but now could almost be reachable. 

And hey, if no agents want me, I can always go the Amazon route and publish it through Kindle. And hey, if no one likes the book, at least I can say that I have a self-published book out there. And hey, if I don’t self-publish, and I don’t get traditionally published, at least I can say I tried.

Your ecstatic blogger, Jaz


One comment on “Ready to take the next step?

  1. Very well done, Jaz. I think you’ve demonstrated great character in getting this far and wish you success in your search for a publisher, whether through an agent or not. Don’t forget that many very successful authors sent (or personally took) their manuscripts around the circuit of publishers. Often what eventually becomes a best seller has been rejected by dozens of publishing houses before at last striking a chord with just one.

    I’ve even done what I didn’t want to do – given 5 stars (because ‘awesome’ is such a horribly over-used word !). Well done again.

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