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Editing Tacita, Part 2. (The saga continues!)

I’m about to start editing Tacita. Again. It’s weird, but I feel slightly… I don’t know if it’s the right word, but I feel slightly nervous. Not like I dread reading it again, it’s just I haven’t even looked at it for months, since I did the first bit of editing, and I am just sort of wondering how it’s going to be. Is it going to be good, after all this time? Is it going to suck? I’ve had feedback from the family members I enrolled to help me edit, and I am really excited to go and change the things that they thought I should change.

Actually, yes, I’m excited to be returning to Tacita. Not nervous! Since I finished writing and doing the first bit of editing, it’s been quite a boring time. I wouldn’t come home from school, do my homework and then sit and write. It felt like there was something I should be doing, but I had nothing to do. When I went on the computer, I had nothing to do but mess about unproductively. I found it weird not having something to write. I did do some writing; just a few random little ideas, in order to keep mah skillz good, but nothing major, nothing that inspired and engaged me as much as writing Tacita.

This is probably going to sound weird, but I am looking forward to getting into Tacita’s world again. It’s like, when I think of Tacita, there is a certain sort of feeling that goes with it– you know, the heat beating down on the arena from above, the sand sprinkled on the ground, the metallic taste of blood and iron, if you want to be poetic about it. There is that sort of gladiatorial sort of vibe when I think of Tacita, and I want to get back into it. I actually want to re-read my favourite bits, I want to be absorbed in the world I created, and that probably sounds pretentious and vain but hey. I just like my novel, alright? šŸ˜›

Of course, as I was waiting for my family members to read it, I did think of Tacita. And I did get that gladiatorial vibe. But I could do nothing about it, since it was finished, the first bit of editing was done, and I was waiting on them to finish reading the novel. Now they have, now I’ve got their feedback, and now I am inspired and motivated enough to get on and edit some more. I am, as I have said before, very excited.

So, if you’ll excuse me, I have some Tacita to edit…

Your writy blogger, Jaz


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