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Holiday in Turkey: Part V (the last part!)

Now onto the last day of the holiday.

On Monday we planned to go to the town itself and do lots of shopping. There is a MASSIVE market-like bazaar thing– no, make that LOADS. The whole town centre was basically shops! We got a taxi there and began to shop. In Turkey, you can haggle in any shop, so I was SO ready to get some lira off my purchases. I watch loads of Wheeler Dealers, and I accidentally got £1 off some fudge when I went to Cheddar Gorge (long story), so I was going to be the haggling queen. I was not going to be like Brian in Life of Brian, that’s for sure! (“What? You don’t wanna ‘aggle?”)

I was the first out of the three of us to actually buy something, but sadly I only got 1 lira off. 1 lira is about 30p, to give you an idea. Well, the thing was in total 13 lira, so that was pretty good going. We walked around some more, coming away with two pairs of ‘Beats’ headphones for 20 euros in total (they were pretty flexible in the currency you paid in– lira or euro was fine).

Let me just say this: there are no copyright laws in Turkey. So ‘genuine fakes’ were EVERYWHERE. You could get Converse, Vans, Disney merch, Hollister, those Jack Daniel’s vests, Nike (I bought an ‘OBEY’ snapback, cos I’m cool), Monster, loads. All for cheap.

We went down through a few smaller streets, and my dad was drawn into a shop by an enthusiastic seller. Our dad did want to get some fake Paul Smith t-shirts, and as soon as the shop owner saw him lurking, he took him inside. This Turkish guy was a good salesman, because we came away with two fake Paul Smith t-shirts, a fake Hollister AND a fake Vans t-shirt. It came to approximately £10 per t-shirt, and if you think how much the originals would have cost, it’s pretty good!

We had lunch, at, guess what, Planet Yucca! This time I had a ‘Kuşadasi Kebab’, Jada had a curry (again) and my dad had… something. I don’t remember what it was. But my kebab was incredibly tasty. I don’t really like beef OR lamb, and this was a mixture of both and was absolutely delicious. It was served with… well, I have a phone-camera picture of it.


There was a whole green chilli in there, and I didn’t eat it. Since we would be getting on the plane for four hours, I didn’t want the chilli’s revenge to come when I was sitting thousands of feet above ground.

Before the lunch arrived, Jada purchased a Justin Bieber hoodie from a shop across the road. That was a funny encounter! The shop owner, we learnt, called him Justin Tomato, and he interrogated me about what I’d bought and who it was for. He was like ‘nothing for your boyfriend?’ and I made a face and went ‘no!’. He asked why not, and I was like ‘I don’t have one!’. He looked VERY sorry about that, but it was funny!!!

After we ate, we went back to the hotel and began to pack. It was sad, seeing as in just a couple of days we’d be back at school, and I really didn’t want to leave. Everyone there was so kind and welcoming, and we saw some amazing things. If I got the chance I would definitely go back and stay for longer, in order to see everything. There were a lot of small attractions and historical things in and around the town, which we never got the chance to see. Just before we left, I bought some postcards, and then it was time to leave.

So overall, if you want somewhere to visit, visit Kuşadasi! There is so much to see there, and there is so much history. We came around the time of their Independence/Victory Day (on August 30th), which was very interesting. And in school, my ClassCiv teacher was talking about something that Denis, the Ephesus tour guide, had mentioned! I felt so special at that, hehe! 🙂

Your travelling blogger, Jaz

OH MY GOSH! I was reading Part I and I said I would talk about the ‘Pink’ Magnum that I had! It was on the last day, on the way to the airport. It was just a normal Magnum, BUT it was spray-painted with edible pink glitter! When I took a bite, it was an amazing strawberry flavour. They need this sort of stuff in England.


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