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Holiday in Turkey: Part III

FINALLY I am doing this one. I am sorry, but in the midst of school and editing Tacita I have not been able to blog. But now I am here with another post. Since my camera died, I don’t have any more pictures of the trip, so you will have to imagine it for yourself.

The day after Ephesus we got up fairly early and prepared to go to Aqua Fantasy, a brilliant-looking water park. On the way there, we came across a different water park, but it was nothing compared to Aqua Fantasy! Our first view was loads of huge slides and pools, which got me and Jada really excited. She’d been looking forward to this since we booked it.

We got in and received a card, which we had to put money on in order to buy things at the water park. As soon as we got that and loaded it up with money, we were off! First of all we put our stuff down on some deck chairs and walked around the park to get an idea of what was there. We first decided to go on one slide, but you needed a mat to slide down it (a mat that we did not have) so we went to a different one. From far away, this looked like it had the biggest drop relative to its size out of all of the slides! We went on it, and may I say OUCH. I was wearing board shorts over my bikini bottoms (a very good decision) but the fast-moving water really stung down there! The next slide we went on was one of those ones that had a sink-like thing at the end which you would swirl into like water down a plug hole. I’d never been on one of those, and it was very very fun.

We went on most (if not all) the slides in the park over the course of the day, but I don’t remember the order. We went on one where you could race against other people on the slides next to you (I lost), one that was just a massive U shape (like two death slides facing each other and joined in the middle), one where you sit in a wide and comfy ring and many others (that I will come to in a minute).

There were also a few swimming pools, with a bar you could swim up to, and in there were some drunk men dancing their feet off. One of them had tighty-whities, and somehow he managed to get some girls to dance with him too. He seemed to have a routine choreographed for every new Europop song that came on (and there they really did love their Europop). The biggest pool was a wave pool, but the first few times we missed the waves. Jada and I grabbed a floaty ring thing for two and waited at the end of the pool for the waves, after we’d decided that we would definitely stay for them. It took a while, but then huge waves were rolling down the pool, and we ended up at the shallow end when it was done. And, off to our left and right, seemed to be a secret passage which people were going down in their floaty rings. So we followed. It turned out to be a relaxing river (which we made unrelaxing by grabbing the float and running along the river as fast as we could) which came out at another secret swimming pool! We went all the way around the river, which plopped us back in the wave pool again.

Somewhere in the middle of this, we had lunch at a restaurant called Planet Yucca. The name alone made me want to eat there, and the food was excellent. I had a shish kebab with some chips. Nom. But little did we know, that would not be the last we saw of Planet Yucca…

There were two big slides that looked very epic, so we saved them until last. One of them was called Super Combo (so obviously it will be awesome) and the other one, from what we saw from the ground, was massive. It snaked around everything, with loads of twists and turns. But as you can imagine, the line for both of them was very long. And, when we got to the bottom of the stairs, a lifeguard asked us which slide we were going on. We said ‘the blue one’ which was the second one I described. Jada and I were holding a double floaty ring thing and our dad had a single. The lifeguard told us that first of all, no singles allowed, and second of all, there was a 120kg weight limit. For BOTH the cool slides. Jada and I do not add up to 120kg. So I volunteered to go sit on our deck chairs while they went on the blue one, and when they’d finished my dad and I would go on while Jada waited. As you can see, our dad got the best part of the deal, because he would go on both slides twice.

As I waited, I watched the drunk dancing men pulling some women, and drinking, and dancing some more. It was amusing. Then I decided to go down the river again, so I sat in a single floaty ring and did just that. But, WHOOPS, the queue for the blue slide was not as long as I imagined, so when I returned to the deck chairs my dad and Jada had been waiting for a long time. I apologized, then went on the blue slide. (OK, we may have gone on the Super Combo first, but I’m not sure.) That was so much fun! But it was not as fun as the next slide, which I will soon describe…

I had to wait for them to go first again, and this time I simply waited on the deck chairs. That was a mistake, because they took ages. (By the way, my dad and Jada came to just 2kg over 120kg, which is quite a surprise!) When they returned, I went on in with our dad, and it was SO MUCH FUN. Firstly there were coloured bits of something everywhere, so the slide looked like a rainbow tunnel (very Mario Kart). AND there was another sink thing, like on an earlier slide, and places where you went upwards instead of downwards. But wait, how does that work, when water obviously follows gravity? Well, before the up-bits you would have just hurtled down a steep bit, so you had a lot of momentum, and just as you were about to slow down, powerful jets of water would shoot you up. The lifeguard was not joking when he said to keep your bum up.

The coach came to pick us up at 6, and after all this we still had a bit of time left. We went in the wave pool again, and went on this one slide loads of times. The inside was all painted black so you couldn’t see a thing, and you just went round all the sharp corners and drops without expecting them. It was great! But then the time came to get changed and go back to the hotel. Boo.

All in all, it was the best water park I’ve ever been to and it makes those little slides at local swimming pools look like baby slides. So if you do end up where we were in Turkey, go to Aqua Fantasy, because no matter what your age, you will enjoy it. And a side note: I learned that there are many overweight people around, and more people than I ever thought have tattoos. It was almost for every one non-tattooed person you see, there is a tattooed person. At least, that’s how it was over there!



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