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How often do you write?

I just got hit by a bolt of inspiration, and although I SHOULD be writing about Turkey, I will blog this now, really quickly.

How often do you write? (I’m sorry if I’ve already written about this by the way.) If you look up ‘how to be a better writer’ you will almost undoubtedly see the tip ‘write everyday’. But is that really what you should do? I know there are writers that DO write everyday, and that’s cool, but personally I would never force myself to do that. I think that if you make yourself write everyday, you take the fun out of writing. What if you’re feeling really uninspired? Your writing’s going to sound forced and not as good as when you are inspired. But perhaps, if you write everyday, you will eventually make your uninspired writing as good as your inspired writing. I don’t know, but it seems to me like forcing yourself to write takes all the fun out of writing.

It’s the same with deadlines and stuff like that. When I was writing Tacita, I didn’t go ‘OK, I have to write x amount of words today’. Such a structured, school-sounding thing would have put me off writing at all, so I just thought ‘I’ll write, but when my Muse fades, I will stop for the day’ and that’s worked well for me. And neither did I go ‘I have to finish Tacita by this date’ because that sounds an awful lot like homework. And homework is not fun.

So for me, writing is a fun activity, and I do it to relax and escape from the normalness of everyday life. I don’t want to cloud my passion with deadlines, word counts and stressful things. I mean, everyone needs a hobby, something they do for fun without worrying about a goal. That’s why, when I think about careers (which school forces us to do), I don’t immediately go ‘I want to be a writer’. Sure, I would love to get a book or two published, but let’s be honest: you have to be really successful and really dedicated to make writing your full-time job. I just want to write about stuff I love, and if people like it that’s a bonus. I don’t want to be tied down by deadlines and things. And I don’t want to just sit at a computer all day on my own– yes, you heard me right– because that’s lonely and boring. I would prefer to have a less sedentary and solitary job. Maybe I will have a more active and social job during the day, and at the end of the day I relax by doing some writing or something? I personally don’t think that I will become a super-famous writer that writes full-time, because seriously, I don’t want to do that. I know that sounds a bit weird, but I like writing because it’s fun, and one thing that doesn’t have anything major to be worked towards. If I wanted, I could write novels that never see the light of day (but I’m determined that Tacita WILL!).

So basically, what I’m saying is that writing is a thing that I like to do, not a thing I want to make into a career. Maybe I’m the only one that thinks this, but oh well. I don’t write every day, I don’t have deadlines, and it’s how I want it to be! But how often do you write (if you’re a writer or you write)? Do you have deadlines, or a set number of words you have to write? I want to know!

Your writing blogger, Jaz


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