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A Few Roman Observations…

I’ve noticed something. Or maybe I haven’t. Maybe it has always been like this, but only now I have noticed it. And that is how much Roman-related things have come into the light in popular culture. Is it just me?

This morning I found this little trailer while on the way to checking my email. A movie about Pompeii? Wow! OK, I don’t know how good it will be, but I won’t be cynical and dismiss it already. I never would have expected there to be a proper, serious, big-budget movie about Pompeii. I didn’t think that lots of people cared, but thankfully I was wrong! 

Also, browsing on Amazon, I’m seeing a lot of books set in the Roman times, many of them published within the last couple of years. I expect to see a lot more. AND we have the song ‘Pompeii‘ by Bastille, which was super popular a few months ago. And how many Roman documentaries have there been on TV this year? 

Does this mean that the world is becoming more interested in the Romans again? Because if so, that is WONDERFUL. The Romans ARE fascinating after all, and I seem to be almost alone in thinking this (at least among people I know). But now the Romans seem to be everywhere, which is surprising, but a good surprise.

Which means it is the perfect time to get on and get Tacita published. With all this Roman stuff in popular culture, many authors are probably hard at work writing the next Roman bestseller. I already have Tacita! Just at the time Roman books are becoming popular! I could be blinded by thoughts of a bestselling novel, a movie deal and pots of shiny cash, but let’s be realistic, right? 😉 

So anyway, it is very fortuitous that I have a basically finished Roman novel at this point in time, because hopefully that means it is more likely to be published! How great would that be?

What do you guys think? Are the Romans back in fashion? Or has it always been like this (and I just haven’t noticed)? Please comment if you have anything to say!

Your Roman blogger, Jaz


One comment on “A Few Roman Observations…

  1. There was a period in British film and television, when Roman themes were very popular. The acclaimed comedian/comic actor Frankie Howerd made a great success out of playing a character (Lurcio) in the BBC tv series Up Pompeii! during the period 1969-75. This was based on a musical play which had opened on Broadway in 1962 and later transferred to the West End. Its title was A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and it later became a film. Music was by Stephen Sondheim. A recent resurrection of it opened in Melbourne last autumn, with Oscar-winning Geoffrey Rush in the lead role of Pseudolus, upon which Lurcio was based.

    So, at least one very successful comedy idea about Roman times has endured for over 50 years.

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