A little update…

Hey there, I’m just giving you a little update so you know what I’ll be doing and blogging about in the next couple of weeks. 

First of all, it’s nearly time to re-read Tacita! I am actually so excited, since over the summer I have been using the computer un-productively, because I have nothing to write! Well, I actually started writing a little short story just to keep my writing skills sharp, but no one is going to read that or anything. On the 31st of August I can officially begin the editing process for Tacita, BUT…

I will be in Turkey on that day! It’s going to be so much fun! I will definitely blog about it, because we’re seeing some Roman stuff and I’ll be taking loads of pictures. I can’t wait; we’re leaving on Monday. We get back on the 2nd of September, then there is one day to relax, then SCHOOL. I’m used to not going to school, but soon we will have to go back, and I am not looking forward to it! Now I have to begin doing actual work… Boo. 😦

Will I even have time to edit Tacita, in the midst of all this school work? Well, YES! I wrote Tacita when I was in school, so I can edit it when I’m in school! Anyway, a lot of the editing will be done by my editors (ie family members) so I can be doing other stuff while they do that. I will recap what I’m doing to edit, since I have changed it.

First I will read it on the computer and edit it, then print it out and re-read it, then put any edits back onto a new computer version. (Saving as a new file is really important!) Then I print out that version and give it to Jada to read as the target audience (which is teen/young adult). She will propose any edits, and I will put the ones I think are good onto a new computer version (I don’t have to keep all the edits that people propose, you know). Then I will print out two copies and give one to my mum and stepdad and the other to my dad, and they will both edit their copies at the same time. Whoever finishes first wins, by the way. I will compare both versions and choose the best edits and put them on a new computer version. Then I will read it on the computer for one last time and see what it’s like, then I will pass it to Jada (if she wants to read it again) and perhaps Lauryn. Once they read it (as if it is a published book) I will get their feedback and edit any bits they say need to be edited (like typos and any plot holes that are lurking about). Then it will be FINISHED and I can work on getting an agent and hopefully getting Tacita published. Imagine if it gets published!!! How amazing would that be?

I hope you enjoyed my little update. See you after Turkey!

Your happy blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “A little update…

  1. Jaz, you know how much I hate the greatly overused word ‘awesome’, so you’ll understand that when I do use it (as in giving you 5 stars) I mean to say that you’ve done a superb job. That editing schedule looks to be carefully thought out and comprehensive, so I hope that you get good feedback and are able to put any relevant suggestions into the finished book. Good luck and have a lovely holiday (don’t run off with any Turkish waiters – ha ha !).

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