I’ve finished my novel!

Yes, you heard me right. Yesterday I FINISHED Tacita. I finished my first ever novel, and it’s around 80,000 words! That’s normal novel length, right?

I actually can’t believe that I have finished it, because I am the worst person ever for finishing things. I have started no less than 7 novels/stories (that I can remember), I’ve had dozens of ideas for novels, and over the years I have tried to do countless projects, all at various stages of completion, but NONE of them completely finished. But Tacita is the first thing I have EVER finished (except schoolwork, and even then I can’t say I’ve finished ALL of it…) in my entire life, so it is just unreal. Usually I sort of stop doing it– not that I don’t want to do it any more, but I just sort of forget about what I was doing. I didn’t think I had the power to finish a single project that I wanted to do, but BEHOLD! Tacita is done!

So what am I going to do now? I’m going to leave it. I am not going to touch Tacita until the end of August, when I will begin to edit. I’m leaving it so when I edit it, I can look at the novel with fresh eyes. What made sense when I was writing may not make sense weeks later. I’ll look at it on the computer and do the first bit of editing there, then I will print it out and do my lot of proper editing. Then I’ll put the print-edits onto a new version of Tacita on the computer (as in I will hit Save As and have another copy, which I did every time I wrote more of Tacita, so I have about 50 different versions on the computer). I’ll print two copies of that out (waste of paper I know…) and give them to my editors, who are just my parents, but there we go. They’ll propose edits, and I’ll look at both their versions side-by-side and choose which edits are the best, and put them on yet another new version of Tacita. THEN I will read it through on the computer, print out ANOTHER copy, read that, edit it if I need to and put it back onto the computer and then print out another copy (and if I don’t need to do all that I will just do the first few steps). Finally I will give the final printed version to my sister Jada, who will read it like it’s an actual novel, because she is basically in the target audience, and give feedback if she has any.

And then what? I’ll have a completely finished manuscript. So I will work on getting an agent, and then getting a publisher. It may seem crazy, but you have to aim high. Who knows, you may see Tacita on the shelves of Waterstones one day…?

Your finally finished blogger, Jaz


6 comments on “I’ve finished my novel!

  1. That’s brilliant – well done!

    Don’t know whether you’ve already read about the 17 year old Welsh girl who’s got a 3 book deal. She posted her story on Wattpad (when she was 15) and that lead to her getting spotted and signed up to Random House publishers.


    Like you said, you have to aim high and you never know…..

  2. Well done on getting the first draft done! It’s a pretty awesome feeling, isn’t it? When I completed Crazar (my first novel) I literally squealed with joy (in front of everyone at my local Costa… sigh)

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