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One Year of Tacita

A few days ago, Tacita celebrated its (or her?) first anniversary. I have been writing Tacita for one whole year, which is far longer than any project I have ever done in my life. Usually I give up part-way through, but Tacita has still been going strong, which is a massive achievement I think! But how close am I to finishing? I am coming towards the end, but I think there will be a bit more writing to do than it seems. In my plan, I am very close to the end (but then again, my plan is really short). I don’t really have a deadline, or a target for when it needs to be finished, but I would like to finish it by the end of this year. Seems reasonable? Sadly, I haven’t been doing much writing lately, because school has piled on us tons of projects which all have to be in fairly soon, so my free time has been sucked up by them. I’ve also been away, so that was annoying. But now I’m back, and when the projects are all handed in I will be writing loads again. I do think it’s good to have a break and not write every single day, because you can go back and see what you’ve written with fresh eyes and improve it as you go, rather than spending ages editing once you’ve finished. So when school is over for the year (which is soon!!!) I will be back to Tacita and possibly I will finish it earlier than I expected.

I think I’ll wrap up now. I just thought I’d give you this little update and let you know that if you’ve been following me and Tacita, you’ll have been doing it for one year! And if so, thanks for sticking with me!

Your celebratory blogger, Jaz

EDIT: in case you didn’t know, The Toga Detective V is up on the page, so if you want to play it go ahead!


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