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Conspiracy Theories

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, it’s exam/revision time which basically steals my life away. Thankfully it’s not going to be happening for much longer! But now down to business… I want to talk about conspiracy theories. You know the sort of thing, like we never landed on the moon, aliens make crop circles, sasquatch, yeti, etc? I didn’t even mention the weirder or more controversial ones. I do actually like reading or watching the occasional conspiracy theory, not because I believe it, but because I want to know how different people think.

It’s crazy just HOW believable some conspiracy theories are, as demonstrated in the TV show Mermaids: the Body Found. If you clicked on the link you can see that the show managed to get some people to think that mermaids did in fact exist. I watched the show with Lauryn once, and amongst all the weird CGI’d mermaids and the overly dramatic narrator, there seemed to be a ‘scientific’ explanation for the mermaids. There was quite a lot of stuff in there that actually was quite believable. I could see how some people were drawn in and made their own conclusion: that mermaids were real.

Another example of a conspiracy theory (actually many theories) is the idea that all these weird creatures like yetis, Bigfoot, sasquatch sort of things existed. I don’t know too much about those ones, but I do know that loads of people believe in them.

But why? I think it’s because they can’t find an explanation for the pictures, or the videos, or the sound recordings that they saw or heard. They think it’s unlikely that the weird blackish blob peeking out of the forest is a man dressed up in a gorilla suit. They’re like ‘who would be walking around in a gorilla costume anyway? It’s far more likely that it’s a sasquatch!’

This brings me onto another question. How come some people believe conspiracy theories and others don’t? OK, this is probably way too big a question to answer. I’ll probably get into all sorts of psychological things, and blah blah blah. Maybe I should leave it. But it’s still something to think about.

These types of conspiracy theories have been around for a while. There’s been loads of stuff in TV about it. They’re just sort of there. They’re different to the conspiracy theories people have about current events. Ever seen the graffiti that says “9/11 was an inside job”? Those sorts of theories are more controversial, and sometimes it’s hard to see where they got it from. Sometimes it’s nice to believe an alternative to what actually happened so it seems less bad (I would mention *cough* Beliebers *cough* but I’ll incur their wrath). But people CAN go too far with their conspiracy theories. They could offend people. It will always be confusing to think how people believe those.

And my personal opinion… I don’t believe in any conspiracy theories. Although some of them are really convincing, I take the time to think about it and go ‘would this really exist? Would this really have happened?’ Usually my conclusion is a no.

So what do you think about conspiracy theories? Do you believe any? What’s the craziest conspiracy theory you’ve heard?

Your un-conspiratorial blogger, Jaz


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