Send a letter to your future self!

Jada was watching The Gadget Show and they were listing the top five coolest websites, I think. One of them was a website called futureme.org, where you can write a letter to be sent as far into the future as you desire. It seems really simple and maybe boring, but it is so much fun. The first fun thing is actually writing the letter, and speculating about what’s happened from the day you send the email until the day you receive it. In mine I’ve asked loads of questions, which seems quite weird because I will answer them, but I can’t answer them to my present-day self, but then I will still be my present-day self, so I am answering the questions to myself… IT’S SO CONFUSING! It’s like time travel. Another fun thing is waiting for the letter to arrive and wondering what my reaction will be when I get it. I can’t predict what I’ll be doing when I get the email! Maybe I’ll be living in a foreign country, or still living in the same house, or something else altogether? I can’t wait to get the letters, because then I’ll be able to reminisce about the stuff I wrote and get a glimpse into my teenage self.

You can create an account, which I did, because I thought I’d send more letters. So far I’ve sent two, one for when I’m 18 and one for when I’m thirty! The good thing about the website is that, if you have an account, you can change the address the email is sent to, so if you get a new email address you can still read the letter. But obviously you can’t read it after you’ve sent it, because that would be cheating!

I totally recommend you try out this website, even if you only send a letter a few months into the future!

Your futuristic and excited blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “Send a letter to your future self!

  1. I had to write myself a future letter my senior year of high school and a year later I’d get it sent to me. When it came, I read it and everything I had dreamed of doing did not come true. But I did give myself some sound advice that really helped me. It’s a really nice experience!

    Going to go and try out your website now! 😀

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