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I had the coolest dream last night…

I don’t ever blog about my dreams, mostly because if I did I would seem like a mental person… my dreams are very odd, let’s just say. (I mean really odd: screaming at a badly-CGI’d pterodactyl on top of a skyscraper; riding on giant rubber ducks in a tiny pool; falling out of a metal cage but hanging onto my sister’s fifty-metre long hair sort of odd) But last night, I had a writing-related AND Tacita-related dream, which was completely awesome and one of those dreams where I didn’t want to wake up. Everything started fading and I was thinking ‘Oh no, it’s a dream… STOP STOP STOP I WANT TO BE ASLEEP’.

First of all it started in school (boo), where a lot of my dreams are. A girl in my year came up to me and said ‘Your English teacher wants to talk to you’. That can’t be good, so I went ‘Oh… OK… bum’. She took me down a corridor, while saying ‘It’s about an agent…?’ I thought she meant a writing agent, so I was pretty happy! I never actually got to see my English teacher, because the scene shifted to my living room, where we were watching a bit of a movie. Not just any movie… IT WAS TACITA. THE MOVIE. Basically it was all the movie they’d done so far and they were previewing it to us just so we could see what we thought! I knew it was Tacita, but pondering on it while awake, it wasn’t much like Tacita at all. Of course, the main elements were there, as well as a big big plot point, but Tacita was ginger and in her mid-twenties. Let me tell you, Tacita is not ginger and she’s seventeen. So that was a bit weird. But my dream-self grew to like her and thought she was a good actor! Secondly, she had a child sometime during the movie. That DOES NOT happen. And when she went out into the arena, she put on a black knitted balaclava… I can’t even explain it. I mean, WHAT? My dream-self was thinking ‘OK, maybe the Romans knitted, and maybe it was a cold day outside so the gladiators want to keep warm…?’ but that was a completely random bit. But a cool thing was Marcus was played by Channing Tatum, how he looks in The Eagle, which is exactly how I imagine Marcus and who I would cast if Tacita were a movie. Strange I know. But he looks like a Marcus to me… well, he did play MARCUS Flavius Aquila. ANYWAY, a final weird bit was that Marcus had a whip with a mace-head on the end of it as his weapon. I don’t know if that’s even a real weapon. I don’t remember what ginger-Tacita had as her weapon. It may have been a sword.

So overall, it was a weird adaptation of Tacita, but the dream was not over yet! After the movie had finished (the whole story didn’t actually end, it was just the end of the bit they’d done), we were treated to a shot of someone turning a yellow tie inside out. Then I went to text the ginger-Tacita about how amazing she was in the movie. I had her in my contacts as ‘Laura’. I went to text her, but that was when I woke up.

You know, I think I can explain why Tacita was ginger and her real name was Laura. Yesterday, I was drawing a picture of someone that was really ginger (think Merida from Brave), and the Goodreads quote of the day was by Petrarch, who wrote lots of sonnets about a girl called Laura, supposedly! I guess it’s an alright explanation, but I don’t think I can explain any of the other bits, because they were too random. A balaclava???

Anyway, so that was my dream last night, and I thought it was cool. It got me thinking about what Tacita would be like as a movie, which got me thinking about something else… something else that is good material for a blog post. I can’t wait to do it, so I will do it now before I forget!

Your dreaming blogger, Jaz


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