Fun Things to do in The Sims 3

EDIT: June 19, 2015. Since this post is so weirdly and ridiculously more popular than all my other posts on this blog, I thought I’d give it a bit of an edit and a makeover. So, there are some new things to do with your game, and I’ve generally cleaned up the writing to make it less 2012-embarrassing. Enjoy! 🙂 

So you’ve made your perfect family in their peaceful domestic home. Maybe this family is based on yourself and your ideal family. They are happy, relaxing and living in sweet harmony.  But you want to change it up a bit. You want to make the game exciting; you want to push its limits and see what you can do with your Sims. There are many, many guides out there on the big wide internet, so I thought I’d throw my own experience and advice into the pot and give you a few ideas as to how to improve your game. Just a warning, some of the following ideas are pretty weird.


First of all, to get the ‘cheat screen’ up, click ctrl+shift+c. The screen will go dark and there will be a little blue line at the top. This is the starting point.

For 50,000 Simoleons, type motherlode then press enter.

Type moveobjects on to make everything in the Sims world (in Build/Buy Mode) moveable. Yes, that includes the actual Sims themselves.

Type unlockoutfits to unlock all the outfits, like the career ones.

If you want to make the tallest hill or the deepest valley, then type constrainfloorelevation true. Now the ‘Terrain Tools’ are unlimited, so you don’t have a limit to how tall or deep your land is.

In order to unlock far more cheats, you need to enable Testing Cheats. Do ctrl+shift+c again, then type testingcheatsenabled true. The following cheats only work if you have already put in testingcheatsenabled true.

Haven’t you always wanted to kick the Goth/Alto/Landgraab family out of their expensive house and move your Sims into it, but you’ve never had enough money to do it? Well, now you do. Type in freerealestate and every lot is free!

If you’ve tried motherlode and you’re bored of typing it over and over again, this time type in familyfunds [familyname] [amount]. For example, you can type ‘familyfunds Goth 1000000’, which gives the Goth household 1,000,000 Simoleons. (Not that they need it.)

If your Sim is in a bad mood, then ctrl+click on any moodlet to remove it. Conversely, you can remove the good moodlets, if you want your Sims to be miserable.

To increase/decrease the level of things such as Hygiene, Fun, Hunger and Bladder, simply drag the sliders up or down.

You can also drag the relationship bars up or down to start off friendships and romances really easily, or make people deadly enemies.

There are lots of things you can do by shift+clicking certain things. Shift+click on any bit of ground to bring up the option to teleport there or build/buy on it (if it’s a lot).

Shift+click on the mailbox to open up tons of options. You can make your Sim know everyone in the town (give time for this action because the game has to make everyone an acquaintance of your Sim. You can also make everyone on the lot happy (good for making a boring party great). You can ‘Make Needs Static’, as in you never have to worry about your Sims’ needs; they stay full forever. (Once this is enabled, the option will be ‘Make Needs Dynamic’ if you want the bars to move again.) You can ‘Make Me Friends’, so your Sim will get a few random friends. You can force a visitor or force an NPC to visit (if you really want the Grim Reaper to come then you can!). There are loads more, so just have a look.

Shift+clicking on an object gives the option to delete it.

Shift+clicking on a Sim gives the option to delete them too. You can also edit them in Create-A-Sim, if you want your Elder to become an Adult and live longer, or if you want a town full of babies. You can also add them to your household, modify their traits (on your active Sim only) or force them to age up.

Those are all the cheats I have found helpful, but there are lots more if you just look them up!


Now we are onto actually modifying the game’s code. There are plenty of mods out there that do a number of different things, so feel free to download and install as many as you want. Of course, these are not official and in no way endorsed by EA. They also will slow your game down, so use them at your own risk and keep in mind the specs of your computer. If you’re playing on a laptop, I would advise exercising great caution! Click here to learn how to install mods.

Most of my mods I have downloaded from Nraas mods, and they are all excellent. Down the side of the page you will find links to the mods that are available on the site, but I will give you two recommendations for the mods that do the most, and can make your game absolutely wild. (I am not joking.)

Firstly, the Master Controller mod is brilliant for getting complete and utter control over your game. It enables you to do almost anything to every Sim, including look at their family tree, view the Sims in the town filtered through certain categories, and allow certain things which the game bans you from doing. For example, you can allow male clothing to be worn for females, and female clothing to be worn for males. The same goes with hair (body hair too), accessories and, yes, beards. It is a simply glorious mod, and your game will probably be vastly improved if you download only this one and nothing else. To be perfectly honest, it removes the need for many cheats, since it allows you to do that stuff anyway.

The mod lets you do this. (Sorry about the abysmal photo, I took it on my phone for some reason.)

The mod lets you do this. (Sorry about the abysmal photo, I took it on my phone for some reason.)

For the amorously and sexually inclined, the WooHooer mod is certainly worth looking at. It removes the need for Sims to be friends, or even acquaintances, before they can Woohoo/Try For Baby– although, if you want, you can change the ‘liking gate’ (as it is called in the mod) so that Sims can only have sex after being as close as you set. Personally, I set it to 0. This mod also allows autonomous sex, and you can define between which Sims this happens. You can enable or disable autonomous male-male, female-female, male-female, teen, Woohoo, Try For Baby, and more. You can also enable teen pregnancy (but you’ll need a separate mod to get male pregnancy, if you so desire to get that). The last thing that I will tell you about (cos there is so much more, you just need to check out the mod) is that you can change the probability of twins, triplets and so on, and enable ‘Risky Woohoo’ which has a user-defined chance of causing pregnancy. A word of warning if you enable all of these things: everyone will be getting pregnant and having sex. All the time.

(These aren’t mods, but if you want to download new clothes, hair, accessories or any other CAS parts, I recommend The Sims Resource!)


These things all involve cheats and/or mods. If you aren’t going to use cheats or install mods, then I am afraid that what you may be able to do with the game is more limited than what I have detailed below. I have a number of (possibly weird and taboo?) suggestions of things to do, and below is a little story of one of my first Sims families. Perhaps their adventures will inspire you to create your own chaotic household?!

Mission I “The Serial Monogamist”: Marry as many people as possible. To do this you must get the Sim to fall in love, hold a wedding, and then after having one child, kill the spouse. Create a graveyard of their dead partners.

Mission II “Eternally Faithful”: One couple must have as many children as possible. They are not allowed to have sex with other people—only each other—and do not have to raise the children themselves (they may be put in another house).

Mission III “Relations”: You must make every Sim in the house related to one another. This can be through marriage, blood or by having children.

Mission IV “Lord of the Flies”: Create a house populated by just Babies/Toddlers/Children/Teens, and one Young Adult (or older) Sim if your game does not allow you to have households without adults. (There are mods that allow you to do this!) Do not make it the active household, but leave it to its own devices. After some time, check up on it and see what chaos has been wreaked.

Mission V “Mass Murder”: Hold a house party. Create a house in the back garden which contains only 1×1 rooms with no doors or windows. Trap every guest inside and wait.

Mission VI “Forever and Always”: Make two of your favourite Sim couples have a child each. Raise the children in a legit way, in separate houses, and then when they reach Teen age, they must fall in love. When they reach Young Adult, they must get married. Repeat the process for endless generations.

Mission VII “Conformity”: You must populate the town with people that all have the same name—first and last. To do this, you might perhaps want a male Sim in your active household, and he has children with as many people as possible, and gives them all the same name. Cheats can be used, but if you want a challenge, try not to use them.

Mission VIII “Ghost Family”: Try to create a family of ghosts. Start with a normal couple, and have one of them die. Have a child with the ghost, and if the child is a ghost baby, try and breed them with someone else to continue the ghost family line. If the child is not a ghost baby, find a ghost to breed them with.

Mission IX “Jack of All Trades”: One Sim must be the master of every skill, and have reached the highest level in every job. You must not use cheats.

Mission X “Eugenics”: Create a host of fugly Sims. They must all be absolutely disgusting-looking. You must breed them, and throughout the generations, try to play God and engineer natural selection to eventually weed out the ugly genes and birth some good-looking children. You must start with ugly Sims, but you are allowed to breed the succeeding generations with normal-looking Sims.

Mission XI “The Hunger Games”: Destroy every lot in town apart from one. Create a maze-like house, with a small room in the middle. In this room an evil overlord resides, protecting all the necessary things for life (toilet, fridge, bed, etc). Make him friends with everyone, and invite them all to his house. Once they are all inside, remove the outside door to the maze and see who can reach the inner room first.

Mission XII “The Babymaker”: Choose one Sim and try to get them to have a child with everyone in the town.

Mission XIII “The Overlord”: Create one Sim/household, and get them rich. (You are allowed to use cheats.) Then, try and make them the complete owners of the town. This means buying every lot and changing the names of the community lots to be personalised to them. Try and chase every resident out of town.

Mission XIV “Feudalism”: The objective of this is similar to the previous challenge, but instead of buying all the private lots, you must change the entire layout of the town and create neighbourhoods of dull, lookalike houses. The house of your active household must be grand and luxurious, in a prominent location. You may change the layout/topography/look of the town to suit your wishes.

Mission XV “Monopoly”: The objective of this is similar to Missions XIII and XIV, but you must use a household full of Young Adult or older Sims. Make each one reach the top of a certain job, and make their children reach the top of the other jobs. Make sure the highest level in every career in town is taken by one of your family. You may need to split them up into other households, but make sure they all own the town.

Mission XVI “Dynasty”: This mission encapsulates all of Missions XIII, XIV and XV, but you must continue the family’s domination for generations. Perhaps, for added interest, you could create a second family and have them try and compete to own the town (with them as your active household).

Mission XVII “Gender Adventures”: Create two Sims: one whose gender is male and one whose gender is female. The former you must make look as female as possible, and the latter you must make look as male as possible. Do what you desire with them afterwards, but I recommend making them have a litter of beautiful androgynous children and populating the town with glorious gender-nonconforming people.

Mission XVIII: “Parallel Universe”: Make a household of your own desiring. Place two copies of them in the town: one as your active household and one as NPCs. See how they both live—how similar and different are they?

Mission XIX “The Homogenous Town”: Attempt to make your town populated by people sharing one common feature. This could be all blondes, all one skin tone (but don’t be racist, alright?), all fat, all men; whatever you can think of.

Mission XX “Opposites”: Run wild, breeding complete opposite Sims together in a strange genetics experiment. For example, you could breed a fat person and a thin/fit person; a person with all their “looks” sliders on the far right with a person who has theirs on the far left; a green person with a red person; whatever you can think of. You could tie this into Mission XIX by trying to make everyone eventually look the same.

Mission XXI “Matriarchy Rules”: Try and breed out every man in the household or town. You must enable female-female Try For Baby for this to work.

Mission XXII “Patriarchy Rules”: The same as above, but breed out every woman. You must enable male-male Try For Baby for this to work.

Mission XXIII “Segregation”: Change the layout of the town so there are two neighbourhoods: one of women and one of men. (Alternatively, you could do other things such as one neighbourhood with green skin and the other with blue skin. Be creative!) Do what you wish with this—try and get them all to hook up, or just leave them and see what happens.

Mission XXIV “Enmity”: Create a house of Sims with negative traits, then see what happens between them. Try and make them all enemies, or torture them however you wish. For example, for a Sim with the Hydrophobic trait, trap them in a corridor that contains life necessities on one end, but a pool blocking the way.

Mission XXV “Homogenous Extreme”: Populate the town with dozens of copies of exactly the same Sim. See what happens, and combine with other Missions for extra fun.

Jaz Says Story Time

I thought I might relate to you the strange tales of one of the early families that I made in the Sims. This was before I began to use mods, so their story is quite tame in comparison to what I’ve done since. Let us travel back to the innocent year of 2012…

I created a family called the Lansdale-Krafalla family. Here’s their family tree (the pink line means marriage and the black line means blood relation).

lansdale-krafalla sims

Reginald is an Elder; Chelsea, George, Trevor, Dahlia and Alex are Young Adults; Winter is a Child and Steve is a Teen.

Just so that you can imagine this: I dragged all of Chelsea Krafalla’s sliders to the far right, and all of Trevor Krafalla’s to the far left. Their child Steve is… gorgeous. Also, Trevor is green. He’s an alien.

After the house was created, I moved them into a modest home by the beach. I actually went and played as a girl called Lysandra Theron for a while, and got her very rich and good at most of the skills. She decided to dive into the Handiness skill and fix her TV. That failed and she was left a singed mess. Then the dishwasher broke, she tried to repair it, she got electrocuted and died. So I changed my active household to the Lansdale-Krafallas.

Trevor and Chelsea were happily married. They wanted to go and have another kid, but alas, there were too many people in the household. One of them had to die… Reginald perhaps? No, that would take too long. Instead, I made a 1×2 house with no doors or windows, had moveobjects on and I moved Dahlia into it.

All this time Alex Lansdale (who I made look as effeminate as possible) was beginning a relationship with the NPC Ian Street. I actually had nothing to do with this; he just came into the house one day and it went from there.

A few days passed, and Dahlia soon died of starvation. Everyone was very sad, but Trevor and Chelsea could now have another kid! Trevor impregnated her, and that’s when things started to get a bit messy.

Trevor decided to get a job at the Science facility and one day, while he was out, Chelsea started to console George about the loss of his poor wife. This soon turned into a friendship, and then, love. They were in the midst of kissing when Trevor walked into the house and saw his wife cheating on him. There were lots of arguments and eventually the two Sims divorced. George jumped at the chance and proposed to Chelsea. The wedding was scheduled for the next day.

It seems that nine months passed in a few Sim-hours and just before the wedding, Chelsea went into labour! She didn’t go to the hospital and soon gave birth to a lovely little girl called Crooked Nose Krafalla.

Somewhere in all this chaos Reginald Lansdale died, but I don’t quite remember what happened with that.

So here is the new family tree. (The green is the ex-marriage.)

lansdale-krafalla sims 2

Then Winter (who had by now aged-up to a Teen) and decided to talk to Trevor about his failed marriage. Just like Chelsea and George, the friendship turned into love. Winter aged-up again (I made her, I didn’t want a Teen/Elder relationship in my game). Their love grew and grew now Winter was old enough to marry. But Trevor was an Elder and Winter a Young Adult! Could it work out? Apparently so, because Winter became pregnant. (I did not mean that to happen.) After she gave birth to a girl called Dylann, I decided to age Winter down to a Teen. I did, and then she went to school. (Even though she was a Teen, the game still registered Dylann as her child, by the way.)

Apparently the Lansdale-Krafallas were not the best at looking after children, because a social worker came and tried to take them away. I moved her into the death-house formerly occupied by Dahlia, but she TELEPORTED OUT OF IT. I tried to entrap her many times, but she cleared off, taking Crooked Nose and Dylann with her.

Then something happy happened. Alex and Ian Street, his long-term boyfriend, got married. Weirdly, a man (who I created) called Hank Goblin, who lived on the other side of town and was an Elder, asked Alex on a date soon after that.

After that, I must admit that I don’t remember what happened to the Lansdale-Krafallas. I played them for a while after I wrote this post (in 2012), but then I think my game crashed and I had to start everything again. Currently, I have a completely new family of five unrelated people, who, between them, have had 63 descendants. Most of them are related now. (Blame the WooHooer mod, okay?)

Your murderous evil blogger, Jaz


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  2. Dunno if you’ll see this..but…you’re awesome, I knew some of these cheats but your little family thing is awesome! :3

  3. I will try this. I already have a couple of lots made from a couple months ago.
    (The Agenda 21 camp and compound)
    I don’t use mods, but I use all cheats that are in the game…after all, who wants to stare at a sleeping, or peeing sim all day right?
    One thing to add here..If you remove the door, how will Lord Buchingham get his mail?
    Or will the repo man just not take anything since he can’t get inside?

  4. Definitely going to try your ‘Survival Town’ it sounds great! The cheats as well. I did not know all of them, haha. So thank you! 🙂

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