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Why the World Didn’t End

Hi, and merry Christmas, happy holidays and everything! I thought I’d do a post about why the world didn’t end, because the story I found is interesting and weird. It is from Mayan (or Aztec) mythology, and it’s exactly the reason why the world didn’t end.

On the 21st December 2012 the world was said to end, according to the Mayan calendar. That’s not unusual, because the world has already ended four times. At first there were humans who ate maize and grew into giants. 4008 years passed and suddenly the earth flooded. The giants weren’t tall enough to stick their heads above the water so they all died, then became fish. This is where fish come from. However, two giants/humans survived by climbing up a tree (it was a very tall tree). Their names were Nene and Tata and they began the human race all over again. After 4010 years the world ended again, this time by a huge wind that blew out the sun. The wind was so strong that the humans had to cling to trees for life and they grew tails to help them hold on. Now the humans were monkeys. They still died, but two of them survived by clinging onto not a tree, but a rock. They started the third age of humans and after 4081 years the world was destroyed by fire. Two people survived this and started the fourth age, which was ended by a rain of blood and fire. The humans starved to death. All except two, who started the population again in the fifth age, the one we are in now, the one that was supposed to end in earthquakes on 21.12.12.

The story does actually go on to explain how the sun was made (by a god jumping into a fire) and the moon (the same procedure), and why we should sacrifice people and rip out their hearts (so the sun can move across the sky).

This is why the world did not end. I want to know actually how many people believed it would end. I guess a lot of people were like ‘no it’s not’ but in the back of their mind they’re like ‘but what if it does???’

Thank you for reading this short and pointless post! Next I want to do a post about how to write fight scenes (I don’t know why, it just seems fun!) but now I’m going to write some of Tacita!

Your storytelling blogger, Jaz


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