Movie Review: Inception

I thought I’d write a little review of Inception, because I recently watched it and loved it!

The plot of this movie is very confusing unless you’re paying attention to it fully. What I understand is there’s a guy (I think he’s called Tom, but he’s Leonardo DiCaprio, so I’ll just call him that) who works for these people who go into other people’s dreams and ‘extract’ from them, which is getting something out of their mind, like an idea or some information. Then Leo is approached by a Japanese guy who wants him to do something that most people think is impossible: inception. It’s the opposite of extraction, instead of getting out an idea you plant an idea. The Japanese guy wants the son of a successful businessman to dissolve his father’s company (the father is dying). Most people think inception is not possible, but for some reason (which I won’t say because it’s a spoiler) Leo knows it can work. He really wants to get back to his family, who he hasn’t seen for so long, but he takes on this mission anyway. He recruits a whole lot of people to help him along the way, one of which is a girl called Ariadne (that’s what I heard) who is a newbie architect (they make the dream-world). As soon as they get into the son’s dreams, it gets really exciting and lots of stuff happens. Another thing I thought I’d mention: each dream person has their own little object called either a ‘token’ or a ‘totem’ (people call it different things to me, but in the movie I did hear ‘totem’) which they can use to tell if they are in the dream-world or not. Leo’s is a little spinning top. If it falls then he is in the real world, but if it keeps spinning then he is in a dream-world. Everyone’s totem has to be something like that, and you know by the way it falls that you’re in a real or dream world. But no one is allowed to touch anyone’s but their own!

Now to the review part. My mind was blown by this movie, because as well as being actiony and exciting, it’s got a really interesting and thought-provoking idea. We were looking at it in RS and we watched some of Inception, and we were talking about how can you know whether you’re in a dream or not. One way is to kill yourself, and if you wake up you were in a dream and now in the real world. This killing yourself bit is very important in the movie, by the way.

And another thing I liked about this movie is that it made you think, and you had to concentrate. It’s a change from other movies, where you just sit and watch and turn into a lemon. In Inception you had to listen to every word or you’d lose track. It sounds like hard work, but the movie pretty much does the job for you because it’s so engrossing. I liked the idea of the totem/token, and it played a really big part in the movie. I also liked the idea of a ‘kick’, which is that feeling where you suddenly wake up if you’re falling or you hit water. It’s a lolsotrue moment, and another important part of the story.

It was good how the first part was slightly confusing and weird, but as you watched more of the movie it started to make sense. The first bit wasn’t too actiony and set the scene for the rest of it, which was nice. It could have been all action, which would have made us confused (as we wouldn’t know about the whole dream thing) and it just would have been too much. Then when they entered the layers of the son’s dream, it got really exciting. That’s when a lot of stuff happens, and it makes your heart race and your bum scoot to the edge of the seat! If you’re watching carefully, it’s not hard to follow the story at this point. There were some really heart-stopping moments where you think ‘oh no, it’s all over’ and some parts where you go ‘wait… is this the dream world or not?’. It was good to have the viewer as well as the characters confused.

The characters were all very realistic. Leonardo DiCaprio is a really great actor and he played a convicing main character, who was three-dimensional. He had his own past, which was not the best, and it comes back to haunt him in the movie. I liked it how he was the best extractor, and brilliant at doing all this dream stuff, but he wasn’t perfect and even he didn’t have control of his dreams. And his whole career in extraction did cause a really bad thing to happen! The other characters were also realistic, not just a general blob with all the same personality. They were all different and they had different ideas and disagreed on things. But you didn’t come to hate any of them, which is a good sign. Even the man they were trying to perform inception on you sort of come to like, even though he was not supposed to get your sympathy.

All the stuff about the different layers of the dream-world was mind-bending and awesome. The special effects were just WOW. Me and Lauryn were debating about how on earth they could have done this, or that, or anything else. It looked so real.

And a final thing: the ending… OH. MY. GOSH. I died at that point. The ending was so good. After they’d come out of the layers of the dream, the REAL world had a kind of dream-like quality to it, probably down to the slight slo-mo and the lack of speaking and dramatic music in the background. It had that sort of feeling where the characters had no idea what to say after their adventure. What could you say anyway? Then after that is awesome, but I won’t mention it because there’s spoilers. But it ends so well. The final shot of the movie is just like WOOOOOOOOOW. My heart was racing and I was squirming and squealing in my seat, but then it ended. It was the biggest cliffhanger ever, and as soon as the credits roll you have to think about it. I was like ‘well if that was that, then surely the whole thing was that? But then, how could it have been that when that happened?’ (the that’s are the spoilers which I have lovingly omitted).

Overall, Inception is an exciting, thought-provoking and clever movie that you should watch if you’re up for thinking deeply and getting lost in a great story. It’s got an amazing plot and story idea, and I recommend it to everyone! 5/5 stars!

Your dreaming blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “Movie Review: Inception

  1. Jaz, not sure that the story line appeals to me but your review is, as usual, well put.

    HOWEVER !! You just touched a nerve in my pedant’s brain. You said “Me and Lauren were debating . . .”. In sentences like that, the easy way to see if it’s right is to remove the words “and so-and-so” and see if it sounds right. So, in this instance, you are saying “Me was debating”. Of course, you’ll realise that you should have said “Lauren and I were debating . . .”. Apart from that, it’s always good manners to place other people before oneself, so it should naturally come out the right way.

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