The Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook

I recently got this awesome book and I have to say, if you are an aspiring writer wishing to get published, this is a must-have. It has articles from famous writers on how they got published, how to write historical/crime/series/horror fiction for kids/teenagers (I got the CHILDREN’S Writers and Artist’s Yearbook, since Tacita is more of a YA book than an adult book!) and other tips about getting published and getting an agent. It’s so interesting to see how the best authors write their books and how they got discovered. There’s also a long list of publishers and agents, with contact details and everything! I really want to highlight the ones that look promising, because it seems like what a professional writer would do 😀

It’s absolutely crazy reading all of it and going “Wow, there is actually the tiniest of chances that an agent will read Tacita, enjoy it and send it to a publisher. Then we could see it IN SHOPS!” I got even more excited when someone (you know who you are) said I probably have enough of Tacita to send to an agent. Now THAT is a weird thought. It’s no longer a little project I’m doing for fun, it’s suddenly become more real. I could actually get it published. There’s only a small chance, but it could happen. And those thoughts were thanks to the Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook.

Seriously, if you have anything at all you want to get published, or you want to write something, you NEED this book. Not all of it is useful for everyone (there’s sections on magazines, poetry, picture books and illustrations and theatre/screenplays) but the bits that are useful are like gold. No other website or anything about writing has been more helpful! It doesn’t teach you HOW to write, it helps you get published and make sure your novel is perfect for publishers. And telling you HOW to write would be pointless, because there are no rules and if you love writing that much, you wouldn’t care about how to make it like what a book tells you.

The Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook is priceless, very helpful and essential for any writer, so go ahead and buy it, because for what you get and could potentially get, it’s fairly cheap! And because it’s the 2013 edition and they bring out a new one every year, you know it’s completely up-to-date. If you’re a tiny bit interested, here is the link to the copy I bought. I highly recommend it!

Your excited blogger, Jaz


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