A Marathon? You Have to be Kidding Me.

That’s exactly what I thought as soon as my PE teacher mentioned a ‘schools marathon for Save the Children’. I went: ‘You expect US, Year 9 girls in the BOTTOM group for PE (which is happily where I stand), to do a MARATHON? Get your brain tested lady!’ Did she actually think anyone would take any interest in 26 miles? 26.2 gruelling miles for someone who HATES sport (I’m speaking for the majority of the people in my group; I love running as you know)? I was thinking ‘OK, running is fun and all, but not for that long. Count me out’. But then she said it was a RELAY marathon. 20 people or more in a team running a part of a marathon TOGETHER! Then I got interested. But I thought, since we were group D (the worst), no one else would want to do it and I’d have to put my hand up and say that I wanted to do it with everyone else looking at me in dismay. But thankfully she said that if you wanted to do it, go see her SOMETIME. So I will. Sometime. Hopefully there will be some interesting and good people doing it, and that I won’t be the worst. I run more often than the rest of my friends and all that, but I am the shortest person in my class. I was wrongly measured at 151cm (I was not standing up straight but they measured me anyway). So therefore my legs are short, I’ll have to take more strides and therefore I will get tired easier. If I ran even one mile and brought our time up the whole team would blame me. Especially if they’re the amazing runners that go races every year in sports day (I was SO CLOSE to doing the 800m last year– a forewarning of my destiny– but the person I was replacing decided to do it at the last minute, annoyingly).

But I thought I would share that with you, because it’s an interesting milestone on my way to becoming a good runner. And I’m also going to running club. And we did ‘the cooper run’ in PE, which is a nightmare. Running for 12 minutes nonstop. And I mean running FAST. The PE teachers have no souls. I was jogging slowly to start with so I could pace myself, but my teacher did NOT like that. I didn’t stop very much, I only walked for less than a minute IN TOTAL, but she still thought I wasn’t trying very hard, where other people in the class were there strolling about. Maybe it means she has high hopes for me (which is worrying) and she knows I like running (I have no idea how she knows this, it’s weird). She said we’re going to do it at the end of term and THEN I’ll show her. But I did end up doing 1800m in 12 minutes, so that was quite good, seeing as it’s 1000m over my dream distance! Next time she will be forced to eat her words. You’ll see, you’ll all see! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

So that was my running update for today. Thank you and good morning.

Your athletic (I hope) blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “A Marathon? You Have to be Kidding Me.

  1. Brilliant Jaz. I LOVE your enthusiasm and your perseverance.

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