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Books I’ve Been Reading: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

I have just finished reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and I just had to blog about it. But before I tell you about what I thought of it, I should give you a little synopsis of the plot: Percy Jackson was living as a fairly normal kid until one day, after a series of strange events, he gets whisked off to Camp Half-Blood and soon finds out he’s the son of one of the gods of Olympus (a demigod). Not just any random god, but Poseidon, god of the sea (and some other things like horses and earthquakes). That means the monsters are really out to get him, but to make things worse, Zeus’ lightning bolt has been stolen and all the fingers are pointing to Percy. So off he goes on a quest to retrieve the lightning bolt and his mother (who got stolen by the Minotaur), and prove his innocence.

Since I’d seen the movie loads of times before reading this, I knew what would happen, but that didn’t make the book any less good. Since books made into movies are a little different, some of the parts I didn’t expect at all. I started reading it yesterday evening and the action was so fast-paced I could barely stop and as soon as I woke up this morning, I tore through the book like Zeus’ lightning bolt (excuse the terrible pun). It was written in a really easy-to-read style, with perfect touches of random humour and lightheartedness. It could have easily been written in a serious way, since they were literally going to Hell (or, the Underworld) and back. But since Percy is like twelve years old (I swear he was older in the movie), it just wouldn’t fit. Of course, when things got serious, Percy got serious, so it wasn’t all ‘My mother’s just been kidnapped. Oops.’

And since I had seen the movie, I could imagine all the characters and settings, which made the book more real and exciting. Some books I read don’t really have the right sort of descriptions to make the characters seem real, so when I visualise it in my head (which I always do when I’m reading), the people have no faces (like Slenderman!!! Now he is freaky, and I only just heard about him thanks to mockingjay.net). But in Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief I saw everything, even the bits that weren’t in the movie. That is the sign of a good book! Although, in the movie, Annabeth has brown hair and she’s described in the book as having blonde hair. I imagined her as movie-Annabeth. And I also imagined Ares looking like Hellboy, for some reason.

Overall, even though on the back of the book it says 9+, I recommend it for any age, if you like a modern thriller (well, it was thrilling)/fantasy with a Greeky twist (seeing the Greek words were cool, although I had no idea what they meant). You’ll probably finish it in a day and then order the next one right away, which I think I will do right now! I give it… εκατό/10! (I even used Google Translate to find the right Greek word for you!)

And I wish I could go to Camp Half-Blood. It sounds really fun.

Your read-y blogger, Jaz


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