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How can we wait four years?

(It’s a little late I know, sorry) After a month of games, London 2012 is finally over. I am so sad, and to use an over-dramatic simile: it’s like a piece of my heart has been ripped out of my chest! TV has got more mundane, the whole world doesn’t stop to see this one race and people aren’t talking day in, day out about sports and athletes. Now we’ll have to wait a whole four years for the next games and even then, they won’t be as special (for the UK at least) as London, because we hosted them! Rio is just another games! I still will love them, but it’s not a home games so… you know.

And now a quick word about the Paralympics: we’ve all heard it while watching the sports, but the Paralympics have changed people’s attitudes to “disability” (we need to invent a new, positive word) a LOT. Looking at them do their sporty thing, you can’t even call them disabled. It just seems wrong, because they are doing exactly the same stuff that “able-bodied” people are doing. Like the IPC said on Twitter, it’s not about disability it’s about ability! These people have a LOT of ability, the same amount as most people (although more than us mere mortals).

I was going to do a long post, but I’m sure you’ve heard all of it. The last thing I’m going to say is that I’ve LOVED London 2012 and now it’s over, we can only look forward to Rio (where I will be there as an 800m runner… joking). But four years is a long time (like the Renault ads are saying). A very long time. A very, very long time. Hopefully it will go fast because time goes faster when you get older right? I hope so because I really want to get this school thing over with. But anyway, I hope you all enjoyed London 2012 as much as I did, because it was something no one could un-enjoy. Onto Rio 2016!

Your bittersweet blogger, Jaz


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