Back to School. Great.

Yesterday we started school again and I realised how boring it is. It’s annoying because we’re sat there, doing lessons and homework, when the Paralympic Games are going on. Let’s break this down: Paralympics= once every FOUR years. Next time they’re on I’ll have almost finished school. London 2012= NEVER again in my lifetime will we host a home games, unless it’s when I’m really old. School and homework= every day, more or less, and they don’t cut us any slack, even in the first week. It just isn’t fair. I would love to be watching all the events during the day, but of course, we’re not allowed.

The better thing is the good stuff (ie the athletics) are on in the evening, so I’m around to watch that, if I’m not doing homework (of which we have received a lot even in two days). I’m very excited about Oscar Pistorius and Jonnie Peacock tonight in the 100m T44 final. It’s going to be AMAZING. I even tweeted to Channel 4 in their daily poll thing in their breakfast show (today it was ‘who’s going to win?’) and I put #pistorius100m. There is no contest, I’m afraid for our GB athlete. As I wrote in my tweet, Pistorius ftw!

So that’s about it. This post is actually partly seeing if my WordPress-Twitter connecty thing is working, but I’ve also wanted to say those things up there on my blog, so here they are!

Your annoyed but excited blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “Back to School. Great.

  1. I should have known!!! At least it’s another gold for Team GB šŸ˜€

  2. Eat your words, Jaz ! Jonnie Rules – OK ?

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