2 comments on “Should the Olympics and Paralympics be merged into one event?

  1. Spent a lot of time and thought there, Jaz, before coming up with the OBVIOUS conclusion. There’s no way that the two can ever be merged – (a) only a very small handful of (disabled) paralympic athletes would make it through to a combined final and, hence, they would ALL be deprived of a medal – (b) far, far too big a logistical and accommodation problem to run the two events at the same time. The present structure is optimum.

    I know that my use of the term ‘disabled’ may offend some readers and it would be nice if I could use another term, such as ‘differently able’, but I think that recreating language to be PC generally ends up changing real meanings.

    • I agree with you on all your points.

      On Channel 4 they also said that it’s difficult to find a positive word with “dis-” as the prefix. I have spent ages working it out, and I think it’s quite true. Although there’s “disentangled” (dunno if that’s good or bad) and “distance” (which isn’t really either). But PC language is quite annoying to use, and there’s no good term for “disabled”, and there should be, but one that doesn’t seem pitying or sympathetic or anything. We’ll have to get thinking.

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