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Did you guys know that she played at Reading yesterday? I WAS THERE YESTERDAY AND I DIDN’T KNOW!!! So I’m watching the replay of her performance and she is totally AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I admire her so much, she is like the best musician ever. She wasn’t even wearing shoes, which is awesome. And she’s so good live, she makes the songs slightly different and waaaaay good. And she knows how to work the crowd, as the saying goes 🙂 I don’t know how she can be so good and so real at the same time, because with a lot of music, it gets all fake and corrupt (talking about pop music nowadays by the way). She isn’t the mainstream sort of artist, but still, the crowd were going crazy. So that just goes to show, alternative music is so much better than pop music.

My dream is to see her live one day, because that would be the best thing ever. She is like my favourite artist of all time. She makes me feel happy whenever I hear her songs (NOT that Calvin Harris awful remix of Spectrum, that guy is a murderer), so that definitely means she is awesome.

Sorry if this post sounds all weird and messed up and disjointed, that’s how I get when I’m crazy in awe of something or doing something awesome OR LISTENING TO FLORENCE!!!!

I almost forgot, here’s the link to the iPlayer video: http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b01mbrzt/ I hope it starts at the Florence + the Machine bit, but if it doesn’t fast-forward to 44:58.

One other dream of mine is to get my hair FLORENCE-RED, OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Your crazy blogger, Jaz


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