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Review of “Brave”

I’ve just come back from watching the new movie “Brave” at the cinema and I wanted to review it for anyone that may be wondering whether to see it or not!

Merida (Mereda? Sp??) is the princess of one of the clans in the Scottish highlands. Her mother Elinor (sp…?) wants her to be the perfect princess, always telling her ‘a princess should always do’ this or that; practically everything Merida does is criticised by her mother. She is tired of all this criticism, and when she hears that she has to choose a suitor and marry someone, she is furious. She wants to change her fate, so she runs away and stumbles across a witch’s cottage. The witch gives her a spell she says will ‘change her mother’, but as you can imagine things don’t go to plan and there ensues chaos. Will Merida get things back to normal and, indeed, change her fate?

This movie was brilliant. The storyline was exciting and gripping, and some moments were filled with some serious tension. All of us were on the edge of our seats and Abby and Jada kept jumping at some points. (There was popcorn everywhere!) There were some twists and parts where you’re really worried for a character, when minutes earlier you were wishing they’d just go away. You grow to like a more meanly portrayed character, and so does Merida. The characters all grow in a better way and by the end everything’s OK.

It was also really funny at some points! In the advert, they’ve got only a couple of the funniest moments. But the entire movie was really funny! Lots of people in the cinema were laughing.

Another thing I noticed was that it was a little like The Hunger Games. The main character was a great archer, rebellious and different. Obviously Katniss didn’t have huge red hair, but their personalities were similar.

I also think there were some good messages in the movie: you can change your fate if you want to, you don’t have to go with tradition, etc.

And although “Brave” has a PG rating, it’s not childish at all. The tense and scary points were definitely suited to older kids and adults too, and generally the entire movie is good for any age. I mean, it was me, Jada, Lauryn and Abby, and we’re not young kids. So if you want to go see it and you’re an adult, go anyway! You’ll really enjoy it!

A quick thing: before the movie started, there was a little animation called “La Luna” about a boy going with his grandfather and father out in a boat to fish, but end up on the moon, by a series of odd events. If any of you go to see “Brave”, please tell me if you saw that animation. I was confused by it!

Overall, “Brave” is an exciting, visually awesome movie, so I give it 5 stars! ***** I recommend it for: anyone at all! So, to end on a cheesy line: be brave and go see “Brave”!

Your brave (bad joke) blogger, Jaz


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