Bring On Rio!

With the Closing Ceremony done and the Olympic flame extinguished, the games of the XXX Olympiad are closed. THAT IS SAD. These have literally been the best Olympics I can remember (which isn’t very much). I think London has done it brilliantly, so eat that haters šŸ˜€

‘Inspire a generation’ was the slogan of this Olympics, and I can honestly say it’s inspired at least one person. That’s me! After watching loads of events, I am inspired and I really want to be there sometime, perhaps in Rio in 2016! I’ve thought that possibly 800m is the event for me. (It was pretty much after the Sport Relief Mile that EVERYTHING related to me and sport changed.) So I’m gonna get my trainers on and start running!

And for Team GB, it’s been a great 16 days. We got like 60 medals, and tons of golds! THIRD in the medal table! That’s totally amazing.

It’s annoying how it’s only 16 days; I could have watched 16 more days happily.

After watching the EPIC Opening and Closing Ceremonies, I am blown away and interested to listen to the old music they played, but more importantly I’m even more proud to be British than ever. Great Britain certainly is great! Before these Olympics, being British seemed boring and common, but now I’m like ‘woo!!!’, because now the whole world has seen what we can do, and I’m hoping the rest of the world enjoyed it as much as we did. So all the cynics and haters can go be alone in their little box of misery. They are about 2% of the entire world. The other 98% probably loved the Olympics!

So now I feel sad that the Olympics of 2012 are over, but I can’t wait til Rio 2016, which will hopefully arrive sooner than it seems and I will be way more sporty by then (I’m not going to say I’ll be in Team GB or anything, but I dream big).

What were your thoughts on the whole Olympics? Do you still have the Olympic spirit? I do, and it will still be there for the Paralympics, which I will also be watching. Channel 4 has advertised very well, so it’d made me want to watch.

And PS, am I the only one that thinks Oscar Pistorius was totally amazing (and inspiring)? I doubt it! šŸ˜€

PPS (I just remembered this), all the Olympic people were talking about ‘legacy’ and I think London 2012 is going to have the biggest legacy ever. Especially as we’ve now got all these great new sporting venues in London and everything, which (I think) will open to the public. I wanna go there!! (Then I can say I’ve been to the Olympic stadium!)

So again, your thoughts on the Olympics? I know if you’ve been around me the past 16 days you’ll know how Olympic-y I feel. And hopefully I’ll feel Paralympic-y too!

A final (slightly stupid) question for you: if you’re an Olympic athlete and you lose, say, a toe (something small like that), are you eligible for the Paralympics? Can you still compete in the Olympics? Or can you not compete at all? I’m full of pointless questions like that.

Your SUPER Olympic-y blogger, Jaz


4 comments on “Bring On Rio!

  1. Great post! Iā€™m new to the blogosphere and just written my first post on the London Olympics, be great to get some feedback/followers!

  2. Get those trainers on, Jaz, and start training. I’m really impressed that you have such a great target.

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