GB vs South Korea… and I was there!!!! :D

Last night I went to my first ever football match, and it was really great. The atmosphere was cool and even though the stadium was massive, it seemed sort of cozy and connected because people were always looking on their phones and seeing all the gold medals Team GB won in athletics. We’re doing well 😀

We watched the match between the teams in the title and it was really interesting. At the start of it, the S Korea people all huddled up and talked about their strategy or something, whereas we just got into a random position on the field and got ready. Next time we should consider discussing like S Korea did, in my opinion. I’m not exactly a hardcore football fan, but I really enjoyed it.

EXCEPT there were some people behind us who were probably the most annoying people ever. They kept swearing and being rude and saying all sorts of things about how Team GB was so rubbish. I think they should have gone and played for them if they thought the players were bad. Or at least left if they were going to complain so much. They kept kicking the backs of our seats too, and I kept thinking of going up to them and teaching them a lesson! Mostly it was just one man who kept talking about it and in a husky Welsh voice kept talking about how Team GB was “a monkey team” (his exact words). He said “One’s a professional footballing nation and the other… a monkey team.” and stuff about how the manager’s a gibbon. Immature I know, but he obviously thought it was cool when he said it with a sprinkling of swear words. He even bet £50 on S Korea winning 2-1, but they didn’t, so he lost his £50.

It was so great how they got to penalties and everything. Annoyingly we lost, but oh well. It was an entertaining match anyway! I think I’m going to support S Korea in the Olympic football now 🙂

Your Olympic footballing blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “GB vs South Korea… and I was there!!!! :D

  1. Good analysis Jaz. The loudmouths behind you seem to have been very immature, but don’t forget 90% is for show (even if only to ‘their gang’) and 10% may be what they really think.

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