The Olympics Have Begun!

And yes, I’m excited. It’s the first Olympics I’ve actually cared about. Beijing 2008 was sort of like ‘Olympics? Great. Whatever.’ (but I didn’t know all about its history and special-ness then) I don’t even remember Athens 2004 and in Sydney 2000, although I was alive then, I was only very young (young enough not to remember stuff I did at that age). So London 2012, as well as being my home country’s Olympics, is going to be great. I only recently realised that the games only come around once every four years and the last time London hosted was in 1948, so there are only a few people that could remember that one. This is likely to be the only time London hosts it in my lifetime (or not, you never know…) so I was thinking that I’d better get some Olympic fever.

But first I really didn’t want to get Olympic fever as all the spirit I had had been sucked out by school, doing all this Olympic stuff. But now I understand why they did it: because the Olympics are special! 🙂 🙂 Obviously now I can’t go back to school, as it’s summer, but I got into the spirit of things at home. But it seems like some people haven’t got into the spirit, like on the news where grumpy old men go ‘ooh arrr, I’ve ‘ad enough of it!’ They’re a minority though. If they looked, they’d find that most other people in the entire world are looking forward to it. Like me!

My family and I were in Cornwall for the week before the Olympics so we did all the holidayish stuff and also watched the news to see some Olympic things. On Friday we went to Weymouth to watch the opening ceremony on the beach and it was AMAZING!!! I watched until the very end and it was totally awesome, gripping, spellbinding, great, massive, epic and crazy. I loved all of it!

So now the actual sports are going on and I’ve watched quite a few of the different events, like the women’s (and a bit of the men’s) road race, some swimming, gymnastics and a glimpse of the dressage event, which, in my opinion, is weird and slightly pointless. But obviously when it’s the men’s 100m final I will watch (although it will be over in less than 10 seconds!).

So I have Olympic fever. Do any of you? (And by the way, if you’re one of the grumpy old men I mentioned then don’t make any rude comments ;))

Your Olympic blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “The Olympics Have Begun!

  1. Well Jaz, I’m one of those “only a few” who remember the 1948 Olympics. And I attended the 1960 Olympics in Rome (drove there, with three friends). I think that must be 17 Olympics in total for me.

    Keep enjoying as many aspects and individual disciplines as you can. Maybe a Marathon for you in 2024 ?

    (And congratulations for the “My family and I were in Cornwall . . .”, instead of the awful “Me and my family . . .” !!!)

    • 17? It’s only 4 for me. I would have liked to have gone to Rome for the Olympics, that would have been fun.

      I don’t think a Marathon would be good, too long. 800m would be better 🙂

      I do like good grammar 😀

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