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A Few Random Photos

Since I’ve recently added a Pinterest button on my blog (to get in with the Pinterest trend), I thought I should post some photos for you to pin, if you like.

(Yes, I’m posting again, but I’ve been meaning to do this for ages.)

First we have a random photo, the first one I took on my camera, I think.

I got that weird focus effect on here. It looks quite good.

Next we have some photos from Spain. Sadly, they were taken on my old, 1.3mp camera phone, so they’re rubbish quality. Btw they are in the Alhambra Palace, which you should go to if you ever visit Granada.

I had to fight to the front to get this (slightly lopsided) view. At least I’m small.

It’s the same place, but I’m looking at a wall.

That’s a little bit of Jada in the corner. Don’t you think this set up of trees and the wall would be really nice in some sort of modern house type thing? Like… a colonnade or something.

I’m sure hundreds of other people got this exact photo.

Quite Roman here. Weird because the Alhambra Palace was in the Moorish style, not the Roman style. It’s just a little anomaly 😉

Now this is a nice car. It’s a Jaguar concept car we saw at the Big Bang science fair.



These two are on the Isle of Arran (in Scotland).

This is actually a beach on the island. Crazy. In the background is the mountain/hill that Brodick Castle was on.

It’s definitely worth a visit to here if you ever find yourself on Arran. There’s lots of interesting history and tons of deer heads on the walls.

That’s all my photos. If the button works, why not pin your favourite photos out of these? Or just pin them all? Or the entire post?

Your photographer blogger, Jaz


One comment on “A Few Random Photos

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