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My school’s finished quite early this year, so now I have EIGHT whole weeks of doing nothing at all, which equals lots of time for blogging and writing. Be excited 😀 But anyway, being summer means that I have almost had my blog for a year, and when that time comes, I think I’m going to do some sort of anniversary post or something, where I may compare my oldest post to my newest post and see how much I have changed, if that interests you.

Also, on the last day of term we had a sort of prize-giving assembly (anyone that goes to my school reading this will know exactly what I mean) and I think, to use a strong word, it’s quite… corrupt. When the lists for who got a prize were posted up a few days before the end of term, I was unsurprised to see a very similar list to last year. It’s a well-known fact (I think) that if in your first year of school, you get a prize, you’re bound to get more and more throughout your whole school life. I saw some people that had been on there last year, which was quite annoying. I have no idea how well each prize winner did in their nominated category (they weren’t nominated, it was just the teachers or something that chose them), so I can’t say that they don’t deserve it, but I think they should give other people a chance. One other thing was that a few people actually won more than one prize. There should be a policy of only ONE prize a year, to give other people a chance. And possibly, if you’ve already had a prize, unless you do AMAZINGLY well during the year, you should be lower on the list than people that haven’t got a prize and deserve one. Also, there’s no prize for enthusiasm or whatever, and I think there should be, so the people that may not do the best in the subjects prizes are given for have a chance to get a prize, because they’ve been really happy and good throughout the year.

But I sort of knew I wasn’t going to get a prize. I have a feeling I’m not the subject of discussion in the staff room. I think one of the criteria to get a prize is that you are widely talked about and known amongst the teachers. I try to fly under the radar as much as possible, so I don’t get into any sort of trouble or drama, and some teachers probably have no idea I exist. Unless I’m completely wrong here. I don’t listen in to staff room conversations, so who knows? I could be the topic of all sorts of (boring) gossip.

I also think there should be a prize for English, so at least I have a chance of getting a prize at all.

So enough of that sort-of rant about prizes. Onto books. There’s a reading challenge thing over the summer, where you have to read a book recommended by a mystery member of staff, then… well, I don’t know what happens afterwards. But I’ve signed up to read two. One of them I was told I would like, and the other one was because Eleni was going to read it and we could talk about it after we’ve read it. I’ve started reading the second one, which is called Persepolis. Apparently this is also a movie, but I’ve never seen it anywhere. So far Persepolis is really interesting, but I think I’ll review it when I’m finished with it.

That’s about it for now. But you may look forward to more posts about random stuff over the summer.

Your summery, liberated blogger, Jaz


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