What Do You Guys Think of Poetry?

It seems that recently, school has assigned us to write a LOT of poems, which is pretty much my worst nightmare. Of course, I love writing, but I just can’t seem to get poems. Every poem I have read in school, I don’t enjoy at all, and when we come to write it, I can’t think of anything. It may be that the whole structure and rhythm thing is too restricting. I always want to go off and write something further. I can’t get an entire story in a few lines! And rhyming is so difficult. I always write three lines, then I’m stuck when I have to find a fourth, and end up either fitting in a silly word into the poem or completely changing everything else. I just naturally like to write loads. I’ve had to write a poem for Art about a painting, and one for English for a little girl, and poetry seems to be everywhere. It’s just that the blank page mocks me, saying ‘come on, write something. Oh no, you CAN’T! HA HA!’ I really struggle with poetry. And that’s just writing it. Reading poetry is a bit better, because the poet has done all the hard work, but I never seem to find an ‘inner meaning’ of it like loads of other people do. Generally most poems are just quite boring, and about something weird.

I’m about to write my poem for Art now, and I’m just getting out all my feelings about poetry before I write. And because I’m really stuck on what to write.

So what do you think of poetry? Like reading it? Like writing it? Favourite poem?

Your un-poetry blogger, Jaz


6 comments on “What Do You Guys Think of Poetry?

  1. I’m not a huge fan of poetry either. I always dreaded it when we were asked to bring our poetry book to classes. I may enjoy reading the occasional poem, but I don’t try to analyze it or anything.

  2. I think poetry isn’t as restrictive as you think it is; in fact, there’s tons of poetry that have no established structure, or rhyme, or anything, really. A perfect example is This Is Just To Say, which is like a little memo of how the poet has eaten a bunch of plums he wasn’t supposed to eat, look it up!

    It isn’t easy to write poetry, but I think the ability to catch so much meaning in so little words of such lyrical quality is very special, and I guess with practice and loads of reading it’s definitely doable!

    • I just read the poem you mentioned, and it was definitely quite unrestricted, and pretty strange/funny. And maybe, if I keep getting assigned to do poetry, I’ll improve. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. I wasn’t too fond of poetry in high school, but in college I definitely started to like them more. When someone says they don’t like poetry, the first thought that comes to mind is that they just haven’t found the right poem yet.

    As for the writing assignment: if you’re writing a short poem, you’re not going to have time to write a whole story into it, mostly just a feeling or specific moment. If there is a story involved, you have to narrow it down to very few specific details that help to express the theme behind the story.

    Otherwise, if you have no restrictions about length, you could always write an epic poem. 🙂

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