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Salve Everyone :)

I just thought I’d update with something quick. Have you ever found yourself in a kind of mood that’s kind of weird, like you’re longing for something in a lighthearted kind of way and you get more happiness than usual from doing whatever it is? That’s me right now. I’m in a serious Roman mood XD I am always in a Roman mood, but today I’m in a REALLY Roman mood. It’s probably because I finished reading Count Belisarius yesterday, which is an AMAZING book, and that’s set in Rome/the Byzantine Empire. And it’s probably because I ordered two new Roman books, AND I’m reading Gladiatrix again. So it’s all very Roman. I like the Romans. It’s fair to say I’m pretty obsessed with the Romans. As much as I am obsessed with Monty Python.

But now I’m reading an article on how to get ebooks published or something. And I had an idea for my Tacita novel, which I haven’t started yet. But I have the first line of it, which is a start. And I’ve had another idea for a new novel, which is going to be kind of humorous (hopefully) and fun to write. I’m not giving anything away.

Your Roman blogger, Jaz


One comment on “Salve Everyone :)

  1. Salve Jaz

    The more Latin you learn, the more modern languages you’ll learn more easily

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