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A Descendant of Monty Python

To actually get this part of the post, step 1: find Horrible Histories Series 4 Episode 11. Step 2: watch the sketch about the crusader coming back home to his wife. Step 3: NOTE THE MONTY PYTHON REFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I was SO surprised, but in a really GOOD way. I just laughed so hard at that point. Go HH, quoting Life of Brian like that!! And it was even better, seeing as I’d just watched Life of Brian and then, BAM! “What have the Crusades done for us?” Ring any bells, possibly this one: “What have the Romans ever done for us?” I was very happy with that.

And also it made me think how HH is like a descendant of Monty Python. It’s just a less rude version! And does anyone remember when I wrote this??

On a more Horrible Histories note, he said that a lot of their inspiration comes from Monty Python. I’ve never seen it, but I’ve heard of it. According to him, they dress up in historical outfits and do sketches sometimes. I guess, if I am allowed, I could check Monty Python out to see if it’s as AMAZING as HH.

Ohohoho, little did I know! I guess Monty Python was my destiny! It’s pretty awesome.

But back to the descendant thing. I think HH has taken their inspiration from Monty Python, and (from my amateur perspective) Blackadder, which I’ve never actually seen, but I know it’s set in different historical eras, so I’m guessing it inspired the HH people. It’s awesome how something that’s like 40 years old can inspire people even now. Which just goes to show how amazing Monty Python is.

I wonder if any of the Pythons have heard of/seen HH…? And if they have, I wonder what their views of it are…?

Your Pythonesque blogger, Jaz


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