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Happy Diamond Jubilee People :)

So we’ve got a four-day weekend (most of us I think) because of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, but I think you all know that! All through the weekend, I bet there have been literally hundreds of celebrations and street parties and stuff. I went to a street party yesterday, actually, and there were loads of people there! I was surprised that so many people even lived on the street and the street around it (or that they could have invited so many people). There was so much food there, like a BBQ and tons of (yuck) salad, and a whole section of sweet stuff. Yum. I ate like a sausage in a roll and moved quickly on to the sweet things. I had many chocolatey items. And the day before, I even made some chocolate flapjacks and they were gone really fast (I did take the last one though). Then Jada, her friend Jade and I played GIANT Jenga and made a ‘toilet of doom’ as we called it. All the tiny kids were around and they were enjoying sitting on the toilet of doom. We made different structures and the kids wanted to go inside them or knock them down.

So after all that, a news person came and said we’d be on the news (live). Everyone was like ‘OHMYGOSHIWANNABEONTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ but I was actually pretty chill. It’s not my goal to get on TV. It used to be, when I was really young, but I realise now that it’s no big deal and anyway, if you get into TV, you’ll be sucked into the evil world of the media. So I won’t go there.

The news lady did a little introduction about the party, then the camera swung round to show everyone else on the street. (By the way, it was raining SO much but no one really cared.) Then they went into their little BBC van and we went back home. It turned out it WASN’T live, so the people who were at home hadn’t seen us, but when the regional news came on, they had a feature about all the street parties and there was the bit our news lady had been in. When the camera showed all the people at the street party, everyone saw that the back of Jada was visible, but thankfully I didn’t see myself at all. Jada was dancing to the band, actually. It was funny.

So that’s it. What have you done for the Jubilee? What are you going to do? What do you think of it?

Your kinda Jubileeish blogger, Jaz


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