An Update, and My Writing History

I very much want to write an interesting post, but nothing interesting is coming to mind. I’ll just update you on stuff. You may be interested.

First of all, I just got my hair cut, in case you wanted to know. Now it’s very short 🙂

So now, progress on my novel. I haven’t written very much, because of school and everything, and I was doing lots of research. I got caught up in research. I got into it and I was just looking for random stuff on lots of websites. But one day I sat down and wrote a few pages, and it’s actually going well! I decided I wouldn’t make the story too depressing and sad, because I’m generally a very happy person and it would bring everyone’s moods down to have something like ‘Oh dear, we’re in the Civil War in a battle, and here comes a soldier! BANG! Everyone died from a cannon blast and then all their wives committed suicide because they’re soooooo sad!’ That’s just sad. And anyway, there’s a bit of a love story in there too and I don’t want it to be a tragic love story (it’s a little bit Romeo and Juliet in my novel though, but they don’t die in the end), like Jane Eyre (which I watched yesterday and realised it was quite a… bleak kind of movie, but still really good). Love’s supposed to be really good and everything, so that’s what it will be like. I have written about an unfortunate accident involving a bird and the main character’s face. Guess what it is…!

I was also wondering if any of you (my blog viewers/subscribers/readers) have had a go at writing anything. I want to know how it went, because I am nosy like that. I have definitely tried writing a lot of things before, and MOST of them have failed. Completely, utterly failed. Let me explain.

I’ve always loved writing, thinking about it. For example, when I was like four/five years old, I had this book and I wrote stories in it. I remember one of them was about my favourite book at the time (The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton, I think) and it included the main characters. Another one was about a monster and a bird, and one was about Jada getting captured by an evil thing and the girl (or gril, as I wrote it back then), who was me, had to save her. I even illustrated them! But those stories were about half a page long. So I don’t really know what happened after that, but in about Year 3/4, my friend (back then) and I started to plan and write a whole novel. It then turned into a series of novels, and we planned about 6 or more. We had the idea to have 12 books in total. We probably spent more time discussing the later books than actually writing the first one, but we did manage to write about 20 A4 pages, so we didn’t do too badly. Then she left my school, and we kind of gave up on it. The plot was quite cliche, but we thought it was totally original and amazing. So from then on I didn’t really write, although I longed for the English lessons when we would be free to write a story, but in the world of primary school, that particular event never happens. There’s always a starter paragraph or something that we have to continue from or a plan we have to follow (I remember one about a boy that opened this old book and was transported to WWII… BORING). But in Year 6, I was delighted to find out we were doing a whole project over lots of weeks, writing a story of our choice! I was so excited, but suddenly I was dealt a crushing blow: we had to write it about a quest. YAWN. I had absolutely NO ideas whatsoever, and eventually settled on a warrior going on a quest to find this magical sword thing to kill a dragon, which totally sucked. So I tried to write it, and it turned out terribly. But meanwhile, at home, I had embarked on a mission: to write yet another story. This time it was about these different kingdoms, named after different colours, in a kind of futuristic-fantasy-medieval world. You get what I mean, right? So there were stories of this other legendary kingdom and there was a special key to get to it, but no one knew where it was, and the story was about all the kingdoms going to find the key in their own ways (namely, having lots of wars with the other kingdoms). I did it in the points of view of people from each kingdom, which was hard, so I eventually stopped doing it.

From that point I didn’t write at all, I think. In Year 7, I heard about a Radio 2 competition, which I wrote two stories for and entered one (the worse of the two, actually. I like to think I saved the better one for a bigger competition– which I did, unknowingly– but I thought the better one was actually really rubbish, so I forgot about it). I didn’t get placed even in the top fifty, which was annoying, because some of those stories that did were PAINFUL. But another competition came round, so I entered my Ripple story (you know the one I’m talking about). I came third, as you know, which is really awesome!

Then I kept writing stories and thinking of ideas; went on the writing course and started my novel, which I vow to finish.

So that’s it: my writing history.

Ha, I said I didn’t have anything to write about. I have over 900 words now!

So again, answer the question I posed way up there. Have you written anything before? Has it been published? What’s your writing history?

Your historically writy blogger, Jaz


2 comments on “An Update, and My Writing History

  1. According to a book called the Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, the greatest and most successful people in the world didn’t become that way until after they have had 10,000 hours of practice. It sounds to me like you are close. I would love to read one of your stories. They sound exciting. I have also written tons of books and never finished, but after reading the Outliers, I decided to finish one. It’s a humorous horror novel called The Book of Ethriel. If you go to my page, click on Horror. I’m still working on the ending and the fine details. I would love to hear what your opinion is.

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